Saturday , January 29 2022

Trudeau's Kamloops Town Hall was battling the pipeline protests


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Kamloops, B.C. On Wednesday night, the reconciliation of native communities in the public meeting of the town was overcome and the future of several piping projects was over.

The meeting took place at a university gymnasium between RCMP and First Nations between the voltage tension between the northern BC. The campaign has sparked protests.

Monday Mounties has set up a tribunal with employees working alongside the GasLink natural gas project. The road and the bridge have been blocked against this project.

On Monday, the RCMP joined the first two lockers and arrested 14 people. Before the meeting at Trudeau, Wet's hereditary leaders and RCMPs had a provisional agreement to get workers access.

Arnie Jack in Schuswap's country, Trudeau faced the RCMP and the First Nations transition to B.C. north (CBC)

Arnie Jack Shuswap nation On the inside, Trudeau confronted BCR's eastern RCMP actions, without the consent of the people, the prime minister could "get in the way."

"You can stand up to all your chosen leaders and say you have permission, but you do not have permission on the ground, and you have said that the main projects would not be allowed without permission" Jack said.

"What did you do in Wet & # 39; suwet, that's a national disgrace."

Trudeau has responded with indigenous views on the project.

"We have to work together," said Ecked's heckles.

"I understand your frustration".

Trudeau questioned the question later on, that the process of reconciliation should not be carried out.

"The indigenous people were not heard, they were not consulted, they did not enter, and we're doing a better job," he said.

"If we chose to decide which of the best indigenous settlements, then we can be well understood," which is a permanent mistake. "

Protesters, jokes

The meeting, since more than 1,000 people participated, is Trudeau's annual tour, in the country's countries, in January, and describes it as an important activity in democracy.

Trudeau confronts with the demonstration before completing the package. Earlier on Wednesday, more than 100 anti-pro and pro-pipe demonstrators gathered as a Liberal party fundraising meal.

One of the main topics of Kamloops is the continuation of Trans Mountain's pipeline expansion, because it protects pipes because of the jobs created and others that are in opposition to environmental reasons.

Indigenous demonstrations were secured by Wet & # 39; suwet's people's pipelines. (Glen Kugelstadt / CBC)

The City Hall meeting was also a lighter moment -Trudeau's problem arose, a trip to India's plagiarism in 2018-, which he replied: "It was a journey that happened."

He was also asked about his favorite favor as the prime minister, a favorite part of the day and, at one point, a beer was offered to "push the underwater into the United States."

The next meeting organized by the Trudeau Municipal Council is Regina, Sask.

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