Tuesday , June 22 2021

Trump has renewed Chinese fishing threats before the G20 summit

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US President Donald Trump said it would be possible to have large tariffs set by Chinese goods.

The Wall Street Journal's comments will unveil Xi Jinping's Chinese president this week at the G20 summit.

The rates are up from 10% to 25% in assets of $ 200bn (£ 156bn).

Mr Trump also said China's imports would reach the U.S. with tariffs, because the talks were not well.

The US president said it was "very difficult" that Beijing's request would be allowed to raise the planned rate, the newspaper said.

Unless successful in negotiation, Trump said the previous threat would be in charge of additional freight provisions.

"If we do not make an agreement, I will add $ 267bn," said Mr Trump. The additional number is targeted at a rate of 10% or 25%, said about the Wall Street Journal.

Apple iPhones and laptops computers in China may also be subject to the tariffs issue.

Classic Trumpism & # 39;

Karishma Vaswani, Asia Business Correspondent

In a war, always keep your opponent guessing. That is the first rule of negotiation. And you can declare your position publicly, the better.

That is exactly how you should read the comments of the Lehendakari Trump on the Wall Street Journal to continue with the Chinese market if Beijing does not play the ball.

Trumpism is classical. Show the power to refrain your opponent from doing what you want. But the Chinese are not like the President's face.

Mr Trump had to meet with the President of the G20 to dissolve the tensions between both sides. But with these comments, the Trump president has left China in a very small room to face the table and save his face: Beijing needs to meet its audiences.

So it is very difficult to get a successful deal between two G20s, all of which will be the poorest.

Deeply disappointing & # 39;

Mr Trump began his trade war in China this year, with the United States having received half of all Chinese imports in the U.S. rates.

China has responded but maneuver is less because the US buys much more from China than exports.

As analysts prevent US and Chinese defects from losing common G20s, it would lead to a deterioration of the trade war because they are already endangered by industry and put at risk in the global economy.

"It is a complete disappointment that the president wants to create a significant advance before his debates," said José Castañeda, spokesman for the US Information Technology Board.

The US president has stated that "lying" wants to continue in this war trade, despite the "pain" of Americans feeling the price, Mr Castaneda said.

"Setting a new rate tariff would create a shock to America and the rest of the world," he said.

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