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A Seattle television broadcaster launches an editor after airing the image of the director of the Oval office at Donald Trump.

FOX filed a Q13 broadcast on Wednesday night, when more orange thunder appeared, with the mouth of the mouth opening in the mouth, after making a statement in his mouth.

Video filter colors have become more saturated and language appears. Mynorthwest.com posted side-by-side videos showing disagreements.

Q13 news director Erica Hill said: "This is not fulfilling our editorial standards and we regret to portray the President with a negative light."

Hill also confirmed on Thursday that the station was investigated by the incident and fired the targeted editor.

Trump asked for a wall-floor financing at his television address, which lasted three weeks in the midst of shutting down the federal government.


January 11, 2019/8 at 29 | Story:

Florida Deputy Governor Ron DeSantis and independent cabinetmakers have been pardoned for almost 70 years of breaking a rojiblanca American African woman four.

After apologizing, they were given to men known as Groveland Four.

The men in Lake County accused him of rape by 1949. More than 1,000 men were hunted and more than 400 times fired.

Three others were convicted. When the High Court Supreme Court ordered a new trial in 1951, a sheriff filmed two of them as they were cleaning their hands. One died

The two men finally survived.

In 2017, the House and the Senate decided unanimously to request the forgiveness of the relatives of men and then the government was asked. Rick Scott to forgive them. He did not do anything

DeSantis replaced Scott Governor on Tuesday.

From January to January, many locals in Okanagan look south to rejuvenate vacations.

But Mexico has been increasingly violent in recent years.

Thursday – The Mexican authorities have overcome the death sentence on the northern border of Tamaulipas for 24 hours, with more than thirty men.

The experts originally consisted of 21 bodies, around a couple of pairs of compact crabs. But American Tamaulipas did not name said permission, they said Thursday that the investigation had more than three institutions.

Murders took place on Wednesday in the town of Miguel Aleman.

The city is about 80 kilometers from McAllen, Texas, where Donald Trump visited the US to kick off a border wall on Thursday.

In November, the Canadian Government gave a travel adviser to the country's sections. Canadian travelers may have a great deal of care in Mexico, due to high levels of criminal activity, as well as demonstrations, protests and republican republics throughout the country.

However, authorities have been told by the Mexican authorities that most of the tourist sites are safe and not caused by such violent events.

Canadian Press files


January 11, 2019 / 7:15 a.m. | Story:

Cristiano Ronaldo is "very calm" in the latest advances in the alleged rape of an American woman, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said on Friday.

Ronaldo asked the police for a sample of DNA, analyzing Kathryn Mayorga's allegations against the former model and the professor, who was raped in 2009 at his penthouse in the Las Vegas Hotel and he relaxed.

"It's a private matter to talk about football, so I saw Ronaldo as I saw it, it's very quiet, it was well prepared and rested just like everyone else, after four months of fast." Allegri reported the previous matches. "Now we have to prepare well in the second half and the most important part of the season.

"Cristiano is very quiet and calm, and I base this on that," said Allegri when asked about an alleged rape case that could have a long-term impact on Ronaldo. "In the rest, it's not my job to respond because it's private, and I do not have the only answer."

Allegri said he will play Ronaldo on Saturday to play the Italian Cup match.

"Tomorrow will play, why and how will we do it," said Allegri.

Ronaldo's lawyer, Peter S. Christiansen, prevented the development of DNA, denied rape, and proven research in all. On Thursday, he said that "in Las Vegas happened in 2009, it was consensual in nature, so it is not surprising that it would be a DNA, nor would the police make this standard."

Las Vegas police said that an official request was submitted to the Italian authorities for a sample DNA sample. Police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said the request was a guarantee.

The Italian Ministry of Justice, the Turin police and the United States Embassy in Rome did not have an immediate comment.

After the match in Bologna, Ronaldo and Juventus travel to Saudi Arabia against the Italian Super Cup against AC Milan.

January 11, 2019 / 6:42 a.m. | Story:

Three months later, a teenage Wisconsin boy was found dead after three months after his death in a family ritual, a woman who sucked a 13-year-old girl out of the vehicle, cried out: "This is Jayme Closs! Call 911!"

Jayme was skinny and dirty, with shoes that were great for his feet, but from outside it appeared well on Thursday afternoon, next to the town of Gordon, when the neighbors said it.

"I honestly still dream that they dream now. As I saw a ghost," said Peter Kasinskas to Minneapolis Star Tribune. "My cheeks go on earth".

The authorities said they were supposed to be vigilant, but they did not give more details on Friday's forecast in Barron on the northwest of Wisconsin.

When Jayme disappeared on October 15, the police entered the family home of Barron, and his parents, James and Denise Closs, filmed. Jayme was not discovered, described by the Barron County Sheriff's Department as likely to be abducted.

The detectives got thousands of tips, they watched dozens of surveillance videos and searched for Jayme searches. Some advisers called on officials to collect 2,000 volunteers in search of 23-year-old water, but there was no trace.

Sheriff of Barron, Chris Fitzgerald, said in November that he was looking for similar things, looking for Jayme, Elizabeth Smart's abduction, aged 14 from Salt Lake City. They recovered nine months later, with the help of the two most popular witnesses in the "Most Wanted of America" ​​section.

"I feel a gut (Jayme) still alive," said Fitzgerald at the time.

He was right

The Star Tribune told Gordon Town of neighboring Kristin Kasinskas that he knocked his door on Thursday afternoon. He was his neighbor, who was walking his dog, asking Jayme for help. The woman said they were excluded, I was sure the girl was sure, but there was a doubt that Jayme was dropped.

In 20 minutes Jayme was home, Kasinskas and her husband, Peter, tried to feel more comfortable. They offered water and food, but both dismissed them. Jayme was relaxed, his emotions "pretty flat", said Peter Kasinskas.

Jayme said he did not know what Gordon was about. As they said, they believed that most of the disappearances were there.

Gordon is about 40 kilometers (64.4 kilometers) south of the South of Canada and the north of the Barron, 104 km (65.6 kilometers), to the native Jayme. Gordon has about 645 people in the very forest region.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed that its site was found in the town of Jayme at 4:43. On Thursday, a suspect was detained 11 minutes later. The Associated Press could not confirm the Kasinskase account; The Sheriff's office emergency no response on Thursday night, and Sheriff Thomas Dalbec did not respond to an email.

January 11, 2019 / 5:43 a.m. | Story:

The Polish Internal Security Agency has managed a giant Huawei in Polish technology in Poland and its former officers, as well as spying on China against the Police, Polish state television reported on Friday.

Two men were arrested on Tuesday. The Polish security agents also included Huawei and Orange offices, the main communications provider in Poland, when working recently in Poland, to collect documents and electronic data. Two men's homes were also gathered, according to TVP, state broadcaster.

With more than one Huawei anti-development ban, it goes to China in Europe, with the biggest foreign market in the company, because some countries have security concerns over network systems.

Some European government and telecommunication companies are still using U.S. under the leadership of the Huawei mobile infrastructure, or not to allow the Chinese government to keep track of it.

Maciej Wasik, chief of the special service in Poland, said that the long-term operation caused by two suspect arrests was carefully planned.

He said "they both made espionage against Poland."

The Polish-American television, next to the government, identified the Chinese man as Weijing W. Poland, a former Polish politician in Huawei. The first Polish title Stanisław also went to the Chinese consulate.

State Telecommunications identified the Pole as the Piotr D., and said the senior staff of the Internal Security Agency until 2011; In it, he was Deputy Director of information security department.

TVP has said that men have not claimed to be guilty, and in that case their testimony is being denied.

If convicted, 10 years may be in jail. According to Polish law, their names can not be published before the test.

Huawei gave a statement to his Chinese residence, saying he was aware of this situation and was looking for him.

January 11, 2019 / 5:39 a.m. | Story:

A physician surveyed a woman in Arizona for a vegetational situation nearly nine months before he was diagnosed, but he was not found to be pregnant, and medical experts say Thursday is a warning that it is possible to see outside signs that he did not show day care workers.

The police are looking for their rapist and it means that there is no member of an employee in Phoenix long-term care during pregnancy knowing that the baby was born until December 29, the idea of ​​skepticism. But a 29-year-old woman who is described in a medical report, forcing her to feed her tubers and breathing, may not have an abdominal inflammation, depending on her physician's fetus physician.

Although the factors are unknown, how far did it come from anyone who has been diagnosed with tubes, who would not notice dramatic changes, especially those who do not work with pregnant patients, said Dr. C. Kevin Huls, clinical assistant professor and physician at the mother's and Fellowship Scholarship Director at Arizona University of Medicine-Phoenix University.

The mother loses weight in other places, such as her face or arms, if the fetus consumes nutrients, it is added to Huls.

"It's a good way to understand, baby, too, will continue to grow with nutrition costs," said Huls. "So weight has not changed, it does not take any additional calories. Changes in body may be in chronic concerns or similar services."

An attorney-gifted woman's revelation against sexual violence has had tremendous defenses for people with disabilities and for the community. The resignation of the CEO of the supplier has been resigned, and the situation said the center made security changes.

A doctor examined women on April 16 and "did not change" in her health, only that the study was out-of-date, according to the Maricopa County Superior Court documents. The mother presented her physical results as part of an annual report that requires statutory legal guardians.

The Phoenix police learned about the situation on 29th, they made a statement at the Hacienda HealthCare facility. Officers had a sex offense investigation when the mother was determined in a state of the plant, police spokesman Tommy Thompson said.

"There was no such thing to give," Thompson said.

The baby and the woman are recovering in an immediate hospital and are not damaged.

It is possible that a woman does not have a long-term additional complication from birth. After accidents or strokes women in a vegetable state successfully deliver babies, Huls said.

January 11, 2019/5: 26 | Story:

President Donald Trump is closer to abolishing national emergency, finishing his long-distance wall, finding a leap to release the pressure three weeks after closing the government's shares and paying hundreds of thousands of workers.

About 800,000 workers, more than half of them still working, lost their first payment on Friday after the break, and Washington set a bad record for the longest closed government history of nations. These markers – along with the effects of national parks, food inspections, and the growth of the economy – Capitol Hill's Republicans increasingly discomforted with trump requests.

With regard to the question about unpaid bribes, the president changed the focus, because the criminals who had ceased to exist felt that they had "killed relatives".

After visiting Trump in McAllen, Texas and Rio Grande, about what drugs and crimes call crisis. "That is why we will not happen," said the Democratic House, who agreed to demand a $ 5.7 million wall, "I will declare a national emergency."

He was a Trump consultant with White House lawyers and allies with presidential emergency powers to make one-to-one actions more than Congressional opposition to building the wall. The court said the action would be "100 percent" legal under control.

In Congress, the nation's purse would disrupt the constitutional control of the box by turning it into some crashing overreach of executive and bipartisan legal bills.

A congressional officer has said White House has directed the Navy Army Navy to look for percentages of the same for Puerto Rican disaster relief and other areas that can be diverted as part of the emergency declaration. The official spoke about the state of anonymity, because the official was not allowed to speak publicly.

"We have to win, we commit, I believe that they will be a win-win or a national emergency," said Trump, when he went to the White House, whose visit was politically flourishing. He wore his "Make America Great Again" campaign.

It was not clear what an engagement could cause and they did not deny it. Trump says the government will not open the money again without money. Democrats say they advocate measures to strengthen border security, finding a long and intense barrier envisaged by Trump.

The Republican Senate Lindsey Graham South Carolina said he had not "seen a path to Congress" to end off, and then stated: "President Trump is the key to using the emergency barriers to use the border wall barrier."

Visit the McAllen border patrol station, collecting stacked weapons and narcotic drugs. Like nearly every drug trafficked across the border, agents intervened at official ports of entry, told it, and not in distant areas, to spread high barriers.

Still, he said: "It's a wall … It's not like a wall."

He believes that the U.S. could not solve the problem without being a "very important limit" on the border, but he offered abusive efficiencies on the border with illegals and current arrests.

January 11, 2019 / 5:21 a.m. | Story:

Thousands of men were admitted to the United States of America in the last decade of the adoption of children and adolescents' wives, according to the government data obtained by the Associated Press. In a case, a 49-year-old man asked for a 15-year-old girl.

Approval is legal: Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. The weight of the bride and groom's requests, United States Citizens and Immigration Services, is whether marriages are illegal, and then marriages would be legal if the petitioners were in a state of oil.

The questions about the relocation of the immigration data system and the laws of the United States can create a serious problem, despite efforts to curb child and forced marriage. Marriage between adults and minors is not uncommon in the United States, and most states allow marriages with child restraint.

There were over 5,000 cases in the name of minors, and there were more than 3,000 minors in search of older relatives or partners, according to data requested by the Senate Homeland Security in 2017 and in a report.

The forced victims of marriage say U.S. The passport is combined with ninety marital laws in the United States and, to a certain extent, promotes petitions.

"My passport ruined my life," said Naila Amin, a Pakistani citizen double in New York.

He married 13 Pakistani forces and asked her husband for 26 years in the country.

"People die to go to America," he said. "I had a passport with him, all they wanted to do, and that was what had to be done."

Amin, now, at the age of 29, when Tariq was committed to his first cousin, at the age of 8 and at the age of 21. However, childhood cost him. He got into the reception and group homes, and took some time to continue his life.

"I was a child. I want to know: why did not the red flags raise up? When each application was processing, they did not look at it, right?" Amin asked him.

There is a two step process in U.S. Immigration visas and greens. The request is first considered by the USCIS. If granted, they must be approved by the State Department. In general, 3.5 million petitions for the 2007 budget were received until 2017 2017.

At that time, 5,556 were passed to bring up children's spouses or wives, and 2,926 were adopted to collect older spouses by older spouses, according to data. In addition, there were 204 minors. Requests may be permanent by U.S citizens or residents.

"It represents a problem. We must close it as a loophole", Sen. Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, President of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told AP.

In most cases, the girl was the youngest person in contact. In 149 cases, the adults were over 40, and in 28 cases adults over 50 were found. Examples include: In 2011, immigration officials approved a 48-year-old female spouse in Jamaica in 2011. The request of a 71-year-old man was approved in 2013 to be a Guatemalan 17-year-old wife.

January 11, 2019 / 4:55 a.m. | Story:

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A 77-year-old self-described socialist democracy is one of the major presidential competitors to face in the early campaign of the 2020 campaign. Women's sexual harassment reports have been challenged to face up to 2016 as president.

Sanders loyalists hope to launch the second campaign next week. And its ample network amateurs celebrate hundreds of events nationwide to help run this weekend.

But the persistent denunciation that Sanders put in an unstable political position during the first days of the presidency contest, #MeToo offered compassion on sexual harassment. While his democratic competitors revolve around decisive states and potential campaigners, Sanders goes on Thursday asking his pardon for his few 2016 employees and looking for others to run their 2020s.

Sanders' allies said that in the last few years, political mood renewal of democracy in politics and single individuals have led to liberal preferences, such as "Medicare for all" and free university education in the party's habits.

"If it does not run, there is a massive gap in this country," said RoseAnn DeMoro, an entrepreneur and executive director of National Nurses United Union, in support of Sanders support. "There's a passion in that base, it's evaporating, it's not going to go somebody else. It's upset (President Donald), Trump, I'm suspicious."

Police announced Wednesday that in July 2016 former former consultants kissed female sex workers after making explicit sexual comments. Sanders team advised the consultant to deny allegations that they should not participate in the second campaign; and as the manager of the campaign, Jeff Camara's former manager, who had reported the ups and downs, would not be the manager of the campaign.

No one was argued that Sanders had a direct knowledge of the fluctuations.

January 10, 2019 / 11:33 a.m. | Story:

Oasis of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean are returning to the Florida port one day early and travelers make a full refund of 277 guests and crew made the appearance of the norovirus in Jamaica.

Cruise Line spokeswoman Owen Torres told The Associated Press "We believe that they get good things to start home, but that guests have to worry about their health."

The ship will return to Port Canaveral on Saturday. There he went through a seven-day Caribbean cruise.

RSS feeds Berria.inforen Twitter channel The world printing version was e-mailed to Falmouth, Jamaica port, passengers were taken on Wednesday.

Torres returns one day at a time when the cruise line again "takes more time to clear and empty the ship".

January 10, 2019 / 10:15 a.m. | Story:

The Lehendakari, Donald Trump, wants to point out the national emergency in the southern United States, and points out that Canada and Mexico are focusing on a new trade treaty over the cost of their long-walled project.

But the concern has also been that the Congress places obstacles to blocking the United States-Mexico-Canadian Convention against NAFTA.

Trump, a local border in Texas visiting a federal government shutdown during the 20-year-old days of controversy, also claimed he would never deny that it would cut the cost of Mexico by refusing to deny a check.

The president repeatedly emphasized that during the 2016 campaign, Mexico had to pay for the wall, which only defended the flow of illegal migration.

Sen. of the Republic of Veterans Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Financial Commission of the Senate, is proficient in commercial matters, encourages Trump to accept his NAFTA threats, if the Democrats' Democratic Democrats insist on reopening the agreement.

The number of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi's House Speaker, has raised doubts about a lack of enforcement of the work and environmental provisions of the USMCA, but it is not yet clear what serious problems are.

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