Tuesday , May 18 2021

Twinrix is ​​recommended for travelers who often offer vaccination against hepatitis

TORONTO – A Canadian shortage against vaccine protected by hepatitis A and B may be almost winter in the Canadian travel plans for winter sunshine.

Twinrix is ​​often targeted at people who go south, because the liver attacker has a higher risk of being infected with the virus, but the vaccine is a short supply for adults and children.

Hepatitis A is mainly spread through contaminated food and water. Most infected people recover from permanent liver damage, but in some cases, infections lead to liver failure.

B hepatitis, especially when a serious illness is spread through sex, can cause chronic infection, which accelerates the risk of cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

The manufacturer says GlaxoSmithKline says that the production of the vaccine is a complex process of 10 to 26 months due to the alleged lack of product due to interruptions, supply chains, or production problems.

GSK says that Twinrix continues to be a limited supply, following efforts to redo in the market. But the company prevents the prevention until the vaccine's availability is stabilized.

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