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Twitch's rumors make you angry when Ninja's ads appear in their livestream

When you're in the stream, it's probably not a different stream. As a matter of course, competing in the game overrun playback, Twitch does not give it a chance. Ninja's New Year's Eve Announcement featured in other people's streams like "Dr. DisRespect". It is safe to say that this was not a good idea, and a known personality and other streams called Twitch to promote a competitor in their channels.

According to a Variety report, Lance Aurion said, "I'm hard at everybody I'm working for, and that's never been up to 10. Sometimes, how do I grow up to see people because my ninja is my ad? Riddle me this, Twitch." The reactions of others were very similar.

It's not the fault of Ninja when Twitch announced its advertising channel announcements over other streams, it did not benefit from the deleted answer. Variety captured Ninja's image, "This event will be sent to millions of people, and Twitch's exposure continues, which allows other streamers to get more viewers. What is it? Or is it it's just because I am?" Instead of inviting Twitch to respect other customers' wishes, people did not know why they were complaining about it.

Luckily, Twitch will give us a formal apology because the stream should boost competition. The Ninja earns a lot of money from Twitch, but this does not mean that the company can do everything that other customers want. As soon as we notify you, we will notify you or update it.

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