Wednesday , September 28 2022

Two-year cancer patients have a rare strain to survive


To cope with and survive the cancers, it is likely that 7 to 10 donors may need blood transfusions, which they did not find until now.

That's as strange.

The only people with Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent Zainab, who have the same blood like that of Pakistan's family, agree with him. It reaches less than 4% of the population of these countries, according to OneBlood, the non-profit organization of South Florida, to assist in a general search to identify and hire young women's lenders.

"A zero percent chance of finding a compatible blood for small children is from other ethnic groups." Frieda Bright, a OneBlood Laboratory Director, said in a video given by the organization. "We are looking for the world for girls looking for small children".

As OneBlood says, the lenders of those ethnicities in the U.S.

Zainab Mughal

It is determined by a person's blood type antigens. Unwanted blood is missing an antigen called Indian B and its body can attack blood transfusions. So, like Zainab, lenders need an antigen. In addition, O or A blood type must also be.

Such lenders are "very rare," said Sandra Nance, CEO of the American Rare Donor Program, said.

Nance said the program has at least 59 types of rare blood and more than 120,000 registered. There was no single donor that coincided with blood-stained types of blood, when enrolled donors in the US database of this program began in September. Since then, two compatible United States and United States are compatible, according to OneBlood.

"Lucky, thank you, they've found three donors, so he's gone through normal treatment so far," said his father, Raheel Mughal, in a video given by OneBlood. "We need more blood".

Zainab's family made a video for OneBlood to focus on his story. They did not directly talk directly to CNN.

Zainab cancer, neuroblastoma, in its nervous cells and in the treatment of chemotherapy.

"The blood donation must be fully supported by the need for cancer treatment to survive, to kill this cancer," said Bright. "Blood is not cured, but blood is very important for treating cancer in particular."

Rare blood occurs in less than a thousand people, and very rare blood is also happening in fewer people, according to the U.S. Rare States Program. The program, the American Red Cross and the AABB, known as the American Bank of Blood Bank, works with OneBlood to ensure Zainab's blood lighter.

"Rare blood does not need blood, no matter what," said Nance. "If a person has identified it as strange donor and they are called, they will donate my hope, if possible."

In OneBlood video, Mughal has made a claim. "If you are such a person in the Middle East, take my daughter to give blood," he said. "My daughter is very dependent on blood."

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