Saturday , January 28 2023

UBC researchers find mildew that make spiders mite hypnotized zombies


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Christmas says something like a nightmare before, but UBC researchers say "zombie spiders" is a real deal. Well, zombies are not exactly, but they definitely act like a "zombie-like" trance.

That's why, why are these fishermen in detail?

The answer is extravagant and fascinating: a recently discovered wasp Zatypota Under the enchanting witches witch casts them. Socially specifically works Exclusive Anelosimus Spider egg into the spider's stomach. Once the egg is added, the larva assume the life of the harp and manipulate its intelligence. Basically it works as a parasite.

Philippe Fernandez-Fournier is the principal author of this researcher, and adds that despite the fact that it has been detected, this complex level has never been seen.

Besides, it's pretty pretty, but it's a terrifying thing. When the larvae starts "controlling" the host, it breaks the wild boar. After eating the spider's spider, the wasps come from the wild boar, fully developed and ready for the world.

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