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UFC 232 Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 results, live updates and roundabouts | MMA

The last 2018 receipts for UFC 238 will be with us, just like the UFC 232 directs the Los Angeles forum.

In the second act, Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson will meet once again.

The female Amanda Nunes champion is a female amateur champion, fast-paced against Cris "Cyborg" Justino.

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Jones and Gustafsson met in September 2013, with UFC 165, a tight decision won by Jones, not only the hardest test of Jones, but also the best fight for division history and one of the greatest battles in the Octagon.

Since things have changed.

UFC 232 Jones (with no 22-1 competitions) will be competing for the first time in the fifth competition. Jones was arrested in 2015 to take part in a hit-and-run accident in a pregnant woman and escaped crime scene. Jones made two drug trials, including the UFC's July 214 July 2017 fight, and recovered the heavyweight title in Daniel Cormier's third round. The last infrarian was released by a 15-month suspension.

Gustafsson (18-4) has not fought too much since Jones's first boutique. Unlike Jones, Gustafsson's lure coming from a sports accident. The Swedish fighter only fought five times in the 3-2 process. Cormier was one of the 192 UFC 192-year interventions in a partial decision.

The fight between Nunes and Cyborg is the first time fighting for the first two women's champions.

Cyborg (no 20-1 competition) has joined UFC 232 in one of the biggest MMA races. In May 2005, as Erica Paes lost his first debut, Cyborg lost 21 victories, with 17 wins in these stops.

Not to be overcome, Nunes (16-4) has been spectacular on his own, winning seven consecutive times after winning Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey.

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Looking at UFC 232, the best annual card might be. You are the two best female fighters on the planet in the MMA hierarchy, like MMA queen, and quite undoubtedly the greatest fighter of all time.

Then Jon Jones returns. Whether you do not want, Jones is arguably the biggest MMA fighters put on four ounce gloves. Indeed, Gustafsson gave Jones his life, and he has been victorious and this card is an essential event.

Certainly, this is the best way to close MMA lovers.

Stay blocked. Sporting News will offer direct coverage of UFC 232.

(All East.)

UFC 232 results

10:48 p.m .: In the next UFC 232, in the fifth place, Corey Anderson has won 10 positions with Ilir Latifa. Latifi (14-5, one no competition) has a boost, after winning five of his last six outings, Anderson lost three eleven, winning the last two. Who will break the package and cement a composer of 205 pounds?

Alexander Volkanovsky puts himself in the title square, Chad Mendes stopped in the second round

10:38 p.m .: Volkanovski def. Century TKO 4:14 in the second round. Volkanovski's great performance. Mendes threw a sharp limb on his body, following Mendes's footstool and the judge stopped.

After a good display of both boys in two rounds, the second lap took place. Mendes took his right hand with Volkanovski and the victims, but at the age of 30, the shot was alive and it was easy to go every time.

Mendes is one of the hottest divisions and fighters, and Volkanovsky can withstand extreme weather conditions and maintains too much pressure. The new contractor has been 145 pounds. It's interesting that the UFC will put the Australian next.

10:27 p.m .: Fun in the first round. Mendes and Volkanovski striking. Mendes began to approach the roundabout while Volkanovsky's fireplace. He's struggling to keep up with something.

10:14 p.m .: UFC 232 will be thrown into the main card, Chad Mendes and Alexander Volkanovski featherweights. The 5th place in Mendes (18-4) in July was 2/2 years old in July after the first TKO of Myles Jury was demolished. The 10th place of Volkanovski (18-1) has taken over his UFC career starting with a 5-0 record and 15 upshots. Something must be given here. Mendes holds 145 kilos standing or a new guard begins.

9:58 p.m .: Walt Harris def. Andrei Arlovski's partial decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28). Far from Arlovski's fear of scoring, it was a snoozefest, a big surprise for the heavyweights. The greatest winner of the Harris career.

9:47 p.m .: The second round is the worst in this round. All the crows and worries that circulated Harris and Arlovski were thrown out. They must receive the third round.

9:30 p.m .: UFC 232 prelim featured time is Andrei Arlovski and Walt Harris heavyweights. Arlovski (13-2) was ranked 13th late, and won 2-2 in the last four stages, losing ground against the opposition. Like Arlovski, Harris (11-7) also scored skids and lost the last three. Something must be given here. Has an UFC champion run by a champion or does Harris give up his name Arlovski?

9:14 p.m .: Megan Anderson def. Cat Zingano TKO 1:01 in the first round. The unusual situation was over. Anderson threw down his large left spear and put his fingers into the eye of Cindana. There was something wrong with Cinderella immediately, and Marc Goddard was quickly called by the judge, and Zingan could not continue. Goddard's hand. It was a shame to go down so that it was a fight that was a long way forward. Do not think winning is much better for Anderson.

9:04 p.m .: The next year at UFC 232, Megan Anderson's Cat Zingano face works with women's nonsense. Anderson (8-3), Former Featherweight of Invicta FC, won a UFC 225 debut in the UFC 225 when Holly Holm lost a lopsided decision. Cingwon (10-3) makes his debut for 145 pounds after the flyweight and his entire career. The winner is likely to face Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes's biggest wins.

8:52 p.m .: Petr Yan def. Douglas de Andrade TKO at 5:00 in the second round. The corner of Andrade told the referee and Dr. Ringside that the guy was not going to follow. Yan set a quarter-round wheel in the last half of the round, the undeniable rigor of Andrade with Andrade. It's a good looking fighter for a star. Often, men and women see that they take unnecessary punishment. Fortunately, this trend is the beginning. Yan spectacular show. Great hands, good fighting and good physical fitness. He is 25 years old, winning 135 pounds, he won six times now.

8:30 p.m .: Currently, in the UFC 232, he battles with Douglas Silva de Andrade 14 on a moving action by Petr Yan. After gaining 22 wins after entering the UFC, Andrade (25-2, one without competition) lost 3-2 in the UFC. Yan (10-1) was the fifth champion. Andrade and Yan were scheduled for the month of August, but Andrade walked on. Meeting between two solutions, 135 pounds.

8:21 p.m .: Ryan Hall def. BJ Penn shipment (hoop hook) 2:46 in the first round. A great break, Halle, when he lighted a leg pattern, caught Penn's leg, held it hard to slip across his leg and put it at his feet. A tour and Penn came out immediately. Give a little reception room. He staggered over the ground and tried to turn Penn into his world. In the end, when he won the legendary fighter, he finished and won seven prizes. For Penn, this must end. I do not care who you are. The loss of six liabilities is either cut or retirement time. Penn does not prove anything. It's one of the times, and it's worth it instead of the one on the map of sports, instead of the current one.

8:00 p.m .: Welcome to the Sporting News & # 39; UFC 232 live coverage. At the start of the action, BJ Penn will be performing on Ryan Hall for a light action. Penn, (16-12-2) is the fastest and cheapest player of the former, lost five consecutive times. After losing his first career, he won six straight wins (6-1). Halle is a specialist in shipping a lot of fun. Strange to see the Faborito Room competitions. He has been back in his natural weight class, from 2010 onwards, so the first two divisions of the UFC champion have left anything or is it going through Torch?

UFC 232 fighting card

Main card

  • Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson's title Heavyweight title empty
  • Cris Cyborg (c) vs. Amanda Nunes (c) by Cyborg's Featherweight title
  • Carlos Condit vs. Michael Chiesa; welterweight
  • Ilir Latifi vs. Corey Anderson; Arina Heavyweight
  • Chad Mendes vs. Alexander Volkanovski; Featherweight


  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Walt Harris; Heavyweight
  • Cat Zingano vs Megan Anderson; Women's Featherweight
  • Douglas Silva de Andrade Petr Yan; bantamweight
  • BJ Penn vs. Ryan Hall; lightweight
  • Brian Kelleher vs. Montel Jackson; bantamweight
  • Andre Ewell vs. Nathaniel Wood; bantamweight
  • Uriah Hall vs. Bevon Lewis; middleweight
  • Curtis Millender vs. Siyar Bahadurzada; welterweight

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