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UFC Adelaide Predictions – MMA Fighting


UFC Adelaide will be watching two of Aussies on Saturday, Saturday, on Saturday to add splendid twin to the running of the bulls.

Undefeated Tai Tuiva will be able to put an astonishment point in the 2018 campaign, the main event of the former world champion Junior dos Santos, the main heavyweight events, combining UFC and Pride legend Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Sydney Tyson Pedro. I can argue that Tuivas and Pedro did not love anything more than Santur and Rua for bullfighting.

When he could fight the UFC, Mark Hunt's veteran heavyweight fights will be with Justin Willis. The 44-year-old Hunt will have an anti-Willis free agent when they are unknown at three UFC appearances.

On the main card, Jake Matthews and Tony Martin's lightweight players will play their welterweight brands unblemished, Contender Series winning contract Sodiq Yusuff fights Ultimate Fighter 27 Alumina Suman Mokhtarian featherweight bout and Peter Craig tries to make Australian heavy heavyweight debut Jim Crute debuting first.

What: UFC Adelaide

No: Adelaide Entertainment Center Adelaide, Australia

When: Saturday, December 1. Starts the previous two cards at UFC Fight Pass at 7:00 p.m. ET, FOX Sports 1's four-fight plan begins at 8:00 p.m. ET, and six FOX Sports 1 battles start at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Junior dos Santos vs. Tai Tuivasa

Junior dos Santos wants to find a way to face the Tai Tuivasa attack.

With the final elimination with Andrei Arlovsky, Tuivasa has shown that before the end of the game he has passed three games for the first three years, with Tuivasa just six years old. Dos Santos is not too long for the tooth, but the challenge is similar.

Regarding this fight, it will be similar to kickboxing, because some fighters have proved to be very damaging. While Dos Santos is known among his striking technical exhibits, do not sleep at Tuivasa. 25-year-old goofball is delightful, fun and lovable, and its opponents slept. In reality, the Tuivasa glass is fused. If you think it's dormant, it will break a wound of a knee or an upset combo.

Tuivasa continues continuously, something that the judge always wants to see, and Dos Santos has to give him a point to keep the dress and leggings in order to keep Tuivasa in the front. This is the first five-quarter fight in Tuivasa and 25 minutes away, I will go to "Cigano".

Choose: Dos Santos

Mauricio Rua vs. Tyson Pedro

What I feel about Mauricio Raren's opponent is how much he has lost. Rua was supreme and horrific at his feet, on his face, without rival's nightmares. At the age of 37 he was captured as a predator.

This is not to say that Tyson Ped can expect a walkover here. Its size will be an advantage factor and will help you to set the distance you want to go to the distance. Despite being the youngest of a decade's fighter, too early, too, could be mistaken as Pedro's teammate James Te-Huna destroyed the "Shogun" in December 2013.

Peter can really shine on canvas. Rua has always been a defender of the victims, but if Pedro goes to the clinic and goes on a trip, it is a threat to a shipment. It is even better if he could punch his knot directly with him and then work on it.

To find the finish of the first round of "Shogun", Pedro looked for Rua back for a moment and won the choke.

Choose: Pedro

Mark Hunt vs. Justin Willis

Before throwing out the chase with Sherman, Justin Willis did not really try out Octagon. Mark Hunt is making a big step forward.

"Super Samoan" predicted a lot better than Willis, so Willis will be the key to success if he decides whether to speed up the pace or not to catch the Hunt-guard, or to calculate his time for K-1 veterinarian. On the flip side, Willis has the left dynamite, and Hunt must respect it.

This fights fun fights, which foresees, above all, that both men throw their keen winds on the Competition Night. Hello, I see Hunt's deepest shot-kick, which stands out here as the UFC makes a lot of notes.

Choose: hunt

Jake Matthews vs. Tony Martin

The best connection between two well-rounded fighters in a welterweight division.

Martin Ryan LaFlare surprised his third round in the final round. Martin started a 18-minute strike against his opponent. It will improve the confidence of the standup against Matthews, at age 24, since he has jumped into the UPS.

Two fighters, men, look like a man of 170 kilos, because there is no longer torture to make it a limit. This is called for a fight between major cards, but Matthews gives his edge to his top athletics, allowing him to cover a lot of defects and slip his opponents.

Choose: Matthews

Suman Mokhtarian vs. Sodiq Yusuff

Suman Mokhtari is a creative presentations specialist, she did not show too much TUF 28 Loss of Ricky Steele's decision for any reason. It will be so much fun behind the Aussies reception.

Unfortunately, in Mokhtar, home cooking may not be enough to store it, so Yusuff will be very brave. He fired a full performance against Mike Davis in three rounds Dana WhiteTuesday night Contender Series, Yusuff collects an excellent side effect and Octagon's full-fledged right hand.

In order to face up to the temptation of Yusuff to escape, he must fight against Muktar. It has a thick base, because the Mokhtar tricks make it difficult to get tricks. The Mokhtar competition must be a serious option, otherwise Yusuff may leave the lights aside.

Choose: Yusuff

Paul Craig vs. Jim Crute

They are just 22 years old, it's an intriguing view of Australian Jim Crute. He made a spectacular debut in the series of Contestants, in the first round of the Chris Trower's Chris Birchler, that he was an entertaining fight against standby and proved to be an offensive fighter. The player is a type of fighters that are attempting to damage or send to the consignment.

It might be a bad idea against Paul Craig, who owns himself as a suicide. "Bearjew" is comfortable fighting off his back and he really made it possible for Crute to take him out of armber and triangles to start throwing the headlines. However, it should be underlined that Craig might have the desire to go away from the bottom, to face a fierce, aggressive, Crute.

This is about to lose Crute's war and show his patience the debut of his first UFC, he will come to an end. But I'm not surprised when Craig tricks out another opponent.

Choose: Crute


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