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Unifor throws more protest on GM plant closure to reorganize the decision

The US International Exhibition at the Detroit International Exhibition, including a boycott call, is expected to have more protest, General Motors to restore its Oshawa plant closure decision.

"We say to General Motors," You have not seen anything yet, "" Unifor, after the American president Jerry Dias, made a demonstration on Windsor's promenade.

"Sell here! Build here!" Thousands of people gathered in the river from the Detroit GM station. "It must be a message," you want to sell here, you want to build better here, "Dias said.

Dias, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford's Canadian Premier Ford Summit CEO Mary Barrekin have organized a decision and how GM's disgusted decision after Oshawa Assembly Plant closed this year. GM has received $ 11 million in funding from Canada, Unifor has called the Government to reverse the decision and started an online application.

We're fighting the bitter end, because General Motors needs to change the decision.

Dias said the people, Oshawa and many other workers from other provinces, that the GM does not listen to the union or listen to politicians, Wall Street is expected to hear "live action" in Canada to get your attention, "he said. He said that the next week would be a lot of noise ", said the auto show and the aggressive campaign, but he did not give details.

After the rally, Dias Unifor does not request a boycott of GM vehicles and allows GM to change his decision. "We are saying we are boycotting GM vehicles in Mexico," he said.

Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy makes a point at Windsor's Dieppe Park this morning on Friday morning.

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Windsor Star

GM sales showed a 30 per cent drop on December 30 since January, he said. Dias called GM "Greedy" and planned to be already a "wonderful debate" in Canada and the United States – four GM plants will be closed until the company gets a social conscience. Speakers in Canada (Ingersoll and St. Catharines) continue to think GM plants do not.

Mike Longmoore, a retired 76-year-old Chrysler Windsor, said the GM might be reasonable, it might not sell a lot of vehicles. "GM has betrayed us."

Simone Sladkowski, Mississauga, helped her with the help of GM's elimination of her work, tossed her, and a GM vehicle was no longer purchased. "It's a corporate hatred."

Sladkowski said the loss of good work will be destructive. "My heart breaks people."

United States President Unifor Jerry Dias does a speech at Windsor in Dieppe Park on Thursday.

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Windsor Star

His friend Carolyn Whitmee, aged 63, was 13 years old GM, but only two years old. He has a child with disabilities and can not retire. In 2000 Oshawa personnel joined the rally, according to Unifor.

Whitmee helped build a GM factory before closing this plant. He became a personal assistant and contracted the GM contract and cut two payments, he said.

It's amazing that Trudeau and Ford have given little help to their staff, said Whitme. His friends made a sign from "Justin Non R U".


Local politicians also participated. Windsor West MP Brian Masse, an NDP-based industry and auto critic, called Barrekin, called Trudeau, and launched a national auto strategy.

It's not too late, Dias said reporter is a terrific one.

"General Motors does not close our plant," Dias said. "This is important not only in Oshawa, Ontario, but for the Canadian community, and we are fighting bitterly, because General Motors needs to change its decision."

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Unibor rally at Windsor in Dieppe Park on Friday morning at the Unifor rally there were many posters.

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Windsor Star

Unifor Volunteer Allison Kozolanka, on the left, will see the Unifor Local 222 Carl Dillman T-shirt at Oshawa at Windsor in Dieppe Park.

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Windsor Star

United States President Unifor Jerry Dias announces his speech to Mary Kooperative's director Mary Bar in Dias's speech at Windsor's Dieppe Park Friday, Friday, to close the Oshawa Assembly Plan.

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Windsor Star

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