Monday , January 24 2022

United States government extinguishes the Nexus application that causes delays


Greg Dunlop, his wife and two children, worked all the time and made a card to obtain Nexus cards for appointments.

On Monday afternoon, four by Langley, B.C. They faced traffic, where they lived, they found the expensive car park at the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond and passed the administrative appointments they needed.

It was not audited by Canadian officials that they learned that the future should be made in the future at all times, after the partial US government ceased and United States border protection agents had made their way. Nexus card backwards through applications.

The cards are managed by Canadian and American officials, and the previously approved "low risk" passengers are aiming to accelerate cross-border visits.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) continues to be half the process, but there are left-wing anti-frontier offsets – the shutting down of the US government is not essential for services, and Nexus applications will be included in this category.

"We waited a bit for this to happen," said Dunlop Nexus outside YVR. "We need to go back again".

"I think it's frustrating for me, I do not know whether I'm living in Richmond or not. I'm getting there for an hour," said the agent, "I'm telling people about the appointments.

The Nexus administration is not a vital service for the United States officials. (Rafferty Baker / CBC)

Dunlop warned that if the appointments were canceled, the staff would not do much, and then Americans would return after the business, as usual.

CBSA posted about the social network breakdown, and the signs of the Main Street office in Vancouver revealed untargeted customers, but similar signs were not published on YVR.

The CBSA did not respond to a request for CBC News about reversals, as it confirmed its request for additional information.

The requests made by the Court Courts and Front Protection were not answered on Monday. However, there is a large general alert on the government shadow on its website.

"Due to the duration of federal funding, this website will not be actively managed. This website was updated on the last day of December 21, 2018 and will not be updated until the financing is made," he has read partially.

A man verifies the status of his Nexus upgrade application on his phone. There is no point in resolving the partial blackout of the US federal government as a Democrat and the president continues to argue that the border fund funding is arguing. (Rafferty Baker / CBC)

As far as Dunlops and the others are concerned, there is no view, and it is not clear to get Nexus cards finally. US political budget over the budget – and President Donald Trump has reported billions of dollars to build a wall on the Mexican border, now it's a third week without a resolution.

"We will be ready and running," said Greg Dunlop's son, Evan, adding that Canadian workers were doing a good job.

"We're thinking maybe it might be a year," he said. "It may be longer, but you never know, well, because it's back. So you think you have no idea."

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