Tuesday , January 25 2022

Unlimited private storage for free GitHub users


A pet of a cat pet octopus in a costume, maybe.

Octocat, pet GitHub.

GitHub has announced an important change today that Nat Friedman CEO could have significant changes since last year's company bought it: free accounts now can create private warehouses.

GitHub has started many open source projects. Some of them are important for projects that are widely used, such as the Javascript platform for the Node.js server, but many of them are small, personal projects, semi-written programs and experiments. These projects are usually not open source, but because they have a unique desire to share their authors with any world in the world, but GitHub has no choice: GitHub can only create free public libraries.

Thus, GitHub stated: You can use GitHub services free of charge, but you should share it. If you do not want to share it, you have to pay.

No longer. Now all GitHub accounts can create an unlimited amount of private storage. These are still diminished: three people can participate in these stores, but many of these projects had no choice but could be open now as private.

GitHub changes its share of one of its competitors – Atttassian BitBucket authorizes free account holders to create only private partnerships for five contributors. But it is not advisable to damage commercial sales.

This commercial change has also changed. GitHub separated previously prices and products by company customers in the cloud-hosted service or local version. These two are included in a single GitHub Enterprise product.

When Microsoft's first purchase was announced, Friedman tried to secure GitHub to make GitHub GitHub better. This change, however, essentially changed the site, and not the best. Optionally, many developers can find temptations that may be more public than all those private personal projects. Many released the promise of the developers as soon as the net feed release program is sorted "as soon as the code is ready". This is never happening, or at least it's never enough to get the code because it allows developers to free themselves in the world. As a result, programs published before the open source will be permanently closed.

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