Thursday , March 23 2023

Until Stephen Curry and Draymond Green return, Warriors are days


OAKLAND – Two days later, everything was fine. Like it. It will be on Golden State Warriors Day, like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

However, Friday 125-97, just like the Portland Trail Blazers was justified, Warriors was very well off the loss of the Oklahoma City Thunder by 123-95, two days earlier, Kevin Durant was the best.

"I do not think it will end more," he said for his excellent performance, but his friends lost four games when they lost their team. "I do not believe in fairy tales or something like that. It will not end until we impose our will. We need to play more passion and energy (and) I never think it's going to happen."

Well, it happened on Friday night – the kind of energy and purpose, the drive and smarts, tactical smarts and strategic discipline lost 12 days ago and struggled to recover Out of Time Out of hell and its effects. Due to its fragility and depth and future future future questions, it seemed similar to the past dynasty.

Almost this is it. November is still, and the standard is not reasonable for most teams. Not only that, Portland escaped from Milwaukee after winning a 43-point shot in Antlered Freaks.

However, Warriors applied the standard, which was the first time it was first known for a game of Phoenix for a month.

They defended themselves with doubt and intelligence, and the attackers moved the ball in the storm and thought, as they did not have a burial after Durant and Klay Thompson, although the results (63 points, 25 shots, 42 shots and 15 rebounds).

Instead, Jordan Bell (an outsider) was a safe and attractive filmmaker in Quinn Cook, and got some remarkable contributions from others to a mega-useful and effervescent performance. 11 gaps and 48 goals scored only 85 shots as intelligent and fast they made a defensive offense and, in every discrete manner, they were robbed within 15 days.

Warriors have a good game every year, which is why they are kidnapped and then exploded. Hereafter, Wednesday's sufferers are considered as grounds for recognition. They lost 19 games in the championship, including the playoffs, 20 points or more, and 16-3 in subsequent matches.

Of course, each situation is its only corner and the current battle has gone with Curry and Green, a difficult transition to a rhythm group that best suits and improves the rhythm. With the latest race of indifferent results, Durant is running with Green, and there is a generational generation that is expected from season to season for generations, with the degree of insanity and tediousness that speaks of our cultural resistance.

In other words, it was a miserable and miserable four-quarters event, which decided to put a signal in the season "Winter Closed".

But the jump on Friday night, people exhorted themselves and returned to their quicksels, and in the end they gladly responded, especially Durant, 37 minutes and rotations in second place. In fact, he played in the second quarter, with 14 points out of 32 points and 18 points more, highlighting Warriors' game breaks.

"I thought it was a brilliant game with all the units it played". "I do not think anything was dramatic. I think they were doing so well that each unit was good."

And Durant's freedom created freedom in another place, in Thompson, Bell, and Cook.

"We only look at ourselves," said Ker. "The level of activity at both ends … it was just a good night".

If the hystericals were wondering it would never have been another.

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