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Updated: Carlos Ghosn Court – Japanese Justice



Published January 7, 2019 |
According to Maarten Vinkhuyz

January 7, 2019 according to Maarten Vinkhuyzen

Update: Ghosn appeared in court and refused potential charges Mix? Read Japanese law system. Ghosn's statement is stuck below under the original article.

January 7, 2019

Statement by Carlos Ghos

Your Honor,

I would like to thank you for public speaking. I look forward to the process of defending accusations against me.

First of all, say that Nissan's true love and esteem. I strongly believe that the efforts made in the name of the company make known and accept honors, legal, and the correct management of the company. It's just a matter of helping and strengthening Nissan's cars and helping them recover. It is one of the best and most respected Japanese companies.

Now I want to face allegations.

1. FX Savings Contracts

When I joined Nissan, I went to Japan for almost 20 years, U.S. I wanted to pay for dollars, but they told me that this was not possible and he had to pay me a Japanese contract that gave me a job contract. I have long had a volatility for Yen in the United States dollar. U.S. I'm a dollar-based individual. My children live in the U.S. and I have a close connection with Lebanon, which has a fixed currency exchange rate. I wanted to predict my income to help my family care.

In order to face this, I entered into contracting contracts for Nissan Maintenance in 2002. These two contracts are considered in these two procedures. In 2006, the price of Nissan stock was around 1500 yen and the yen / dollar rate was around 118. The other was signed in 2007, the Nissan stock price was around 1400 yen and the yen / dollar exchange rate was around 114.

Financial crisis for 2008-2009 Nissan shares fell by 400 yuan in October 2008 and 250 yen in February 2009 (more than 80 out of the peak) and the yen / dollar exchange rate dropped to 80. It was the perfect storm that no one announced. The entire bank system was frozen and the bank increased its collateral guarantee.

I was faced with two sharp options:

1. Suspend for Nissan, so I could get my retirement benefit. So I could not afford this guarantee. Nissan's moral commitment would not let it down in a decisive season; The captain does not jump in the middle of the storm.

2. Ask Nissan to maintain temporary warranties, at no cost to the company, while collateral in other sources is included.

Option 2. I chose it. I transferred the FX contract to me without losing it.

2. Khaled Juffali

Khaled Juffali has long been an active participant and a member of Nissan. In difficult times, Khaled Juffali Company asked Nissan for funding and helped Nissan help him solve a complex problem involving a local distributor. In fact, Juffali helped Nissan help with the fuel-fighter throughout the Gulf region, and rivals such as Nissan Toyota competed. Nissan. Juffali also helped negotiate the development of a Nissan manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia, organizing top-class meetings with Saudi officials.

Khaled Juffali compensated for the best Nissan official announcements and the amount approved for these Nissan-assisted cultural services.

3. FIEL Allegations

The four main companies were named CEO of Nissan, including Ford (Bill Ford) and General Motors (Steve Rattner, after Barack Obama, Car-Czar). Although their proposals were very attractive, I could not leave it in good conscience while Nissan was in the center of the nucleus. Nissan is an iconic Japanese icon. Even if I do not want to get other options, I've kept track of market compensation for my role, which companies offered jobs. I had an internal benchmark for my future reference; had no legal effect; never shared with managers; and never expresses any binding commitment. In fact, several proposals for non-compete and advice services by some members of the committee did not reflect or refer to my internal calculations, emphasizing their hypothesis and binding.

Against the prosecutors' charges, Nissan received no compensation since Nissan had no bargain on Nissan, they did not pay a fixed amount. Also, I understood that the drafts of the post-retirement compensation proposals were reviewed by both internal and external lawyers, which did not violate the law. For me, the test is "the test of death: if it was dead now, my heirs should pay Nissan for any other retirement"? The answer is clear "No".

4. Contribution to the Nissan

I've offered two decades of life to build Nissan revival and Alliance. I worked to achieve these goals day and night, on the floor and in the air, standing on the shoulders to work with Nissan staff around the world to create value. The fruits of our work have been extraordinary. We transformed Nissan, in the end of 1999, at 2 trillion yen of eight, in 2006 it finished 1.8 trillion yen of cash, 2,500 million cars sold in 1999, 2.58 million cars were sold at a significant loss. The base of Nissan's assets was during the triptych. We saw icons like Fairlady Z and Nissan G-TR; In Nissan, Wuhan, China, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Chennai, India and Resende have joined the Brazilian network; Leaf with a pioneer in the mass market of electric cars; self-leap forward; Mitsubishi Motors to join the Alliance; and in 2017, Alianza became the only auto car in the world to produce over 10 million cars every year. We did some Japanese work directly and indirectly, and Nissan was reset to the Japanese economy.

The achievements of the Nissan group of workers, the biggest joy of my business next to my family.

5. Conclusion

Your Honor, my allegations against me are innocent. I have always acted in integrity and I have never made mistakes in my professional career for many decades. I have been completely accused and imprisoned on the merits and affirmations of accusation.

Thank you, your Honor, to hear me.

Seven weeks after prison, Carlos Ghos is hearing in court. Your attorneys can ask questions and read a statement. How to write a writing while you refuse paper and paper.

What is it for me, the Japanese justice system?

Now we know what he accused. He denounced the non-payment of retirement payments won by the shareholders this year. According to the consultant, who was written annually, he was not obligated. In order to have more surveillance, the purchase was divided into two parts, instead of 46 days instead of "only" 23.

The third purchase is cut-out. In 2008, Carlos Ghosn got the call of Margin, like other millions of people at the time of the great foreigners. Bank credit was frozen all over the world, even though it was a credit customer. Carlos Ghosn had a liquidity problem, not a solution problem. A friend gave him a credit card as a guarantee. The letter of credit is not revealed. If that were the case, it would probably have to be mentioned. That would create a completely different situation.

Prosecutors are now trying to prove the amount of Ghosn returning the amount of the letter's value. This is nuts. The usual costs are 1-2%, and even to a friend, Ghos is a good business to face this margin.

In another ELGA country, some of these types of guilty are good enough to achieve a fine of around $ 1,000. Perhaps a few hours after the arrest to execute a search warrant. Non-solitary constitutions, day-to-day questions, attorneys and representatives, or a limited relationship with the family, refusing adequate food and blankets, denying written materials. And all this wants the prosecutor to have it for as long as he wants.

I hope that Carlos Ghosn sends out a kind of form of "J & # 39; Accuse". Put the Japanese justice system on the dock. Such treatment is classified as torture in other countries. It can be classified as cruel and unusual punishment.

And maybe the Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa was bombing.

When this happens, they will be fireworks.

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