Wednesday , May 18 2022

Vancouver consumes the least Canadian in Canada, according to sanitation


Canada's statistics statistics based on Canadian analytical analyzes that measure Canada's consumption of Canadian consumption.

The report has received five major cities in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Specifically, he studies "Vancouver Metro", "Montreal Island", "Edmonton City", "Toronto City" and "Central Halifax".

The use of cannabis in the last death of Vancouver was the per capita amount, and it could be corruption of some of them. Perhaps, even more surprisingly, Halifax was the leader in cannabis use per capita.

Given this, many factors weigh in overall results. For example, the report states that "the treatment of waste water in Halifax was located in the main city center, which has accumulated an accumulated population that consumes the city consuming cannabis."

In addition, the presence of temperature, acidity and chemical industry or bacteria in the city sewer system also results.

Canadian Cannabis Waste

So how are the levels of cannabis that exactly measure waste water?

Researchers have used a new study called "epidemiological wastewater treatment" to measure the metabolites eliminated from the body.

"When consuming cannabis or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) people, the main psychiatric component of cannabis, their organisms are metabolized by metabolites (THC-COOH, THC case), they are removed from the body and usually removed from the body, the municipal waste system," read the report.

"Estimation of the total mass consumed by Statistics Canada through waste water through the direct analysis of THC-COOH concentrations."

This pilot project covered 15 wastewater treatment areas in five large Canadian cities, nearly 8.4 million people. Thus, the project was an ongoing WBE pilot test so far.

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