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Verge 2018 Technology Report: AI

Much of the technology industry, in the year 2018, was an artificial intelligence count. As AI systems are integrated in more products and services, technology deficiencies have been more clear. Researchers, companies and all citizens have exceeded the AI ​​limits and its adverse effects, with important questions: how is this technology used and for its benefit?

This account has been pronounced as a parade of negative titles on algorithms. This year saw the first deaths caused by self-driving cars; Cambridge Analytica scandal; Facebook facilitated allegations of Myanmar's genocide; Google has helped the Pentagon Railway Surveillance Tool to support its revelation; and the ethical questions about the human AI helper in the technical giant. According to the research group AI Now, it was described as the year of "scaling falls" in 2018, and it is precise, if it is a conditional summary.

But you do not need to see these titles only one negative After all, the scandal goes unnoticed, it is better than the evil one, and the debate helps us to improve in theory.

Take facial recognition. This was one of the fastest mobile mobile technologies in 2018, a success in which a Chinese police officer plays a police concert, and technology uses television, using royal wedding guests identification technology, but also serious problems, bias, and other potential changes to change . Police forces worldwide have started to use facial recognition in the woods, but after analyzing serious defects, the authoritarian power of technology in China has been rigorously clarified. It is one of the most important tools used to stop UGN minorities.

Face Recognition has been one of the most widely used AI technologies in 2018. It has mixed results.
Illustration of Alex Castro / The Verge

All this is unpleasant to read, but this debate has led companies to start building troubleshooting tools from the beginning, and the big technological company like Microsoft requires face recognition. In order to read this news in a positive light, we want to explore more discussions and in the long term, more solutions.

And despite the abolition of the scandals, it also saw the decades and hundreds of the 2018 and promising and positive development of machine learning and AI. There were small gains, everywhere from astronomy, where machine studios saw new craters on the moon and exoplanets forgot; to develop basic scientific research, such as AI metal and plastics; and healthcare, in order to see more rapidly and accurately than human illnesses with many examples of AI systems. New tools, plug-and-play machine learning services like Google and Amazon, and learning to learn organizations like have facilitated artificial intelligence by hand and have been very useful results, often.

These successes are not balancing the highest balances, but they make the AI ​​a complex one. It is not moving to a single moral direction, but, like all technology, players have taken a variety of resources to achieve this.

Every year throughout the year, there is more than one lesson: AI is not magic. It is not a two-letter auction, which can be used to call dangerous capital and institutional body-trust; It is not a child's powder, which can be thrown over instantaneous improvement products and institutions. It is artificial intelligence process: something to be analyzed, deliberate, and – if all are well understood. In other words, it may expire long.

Final grade: B

2018 Grade

Verge 2018 report card: AI

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Gold stars

  • Make AI tools more accessible
  • Different cases that are found in different fields
  • A world changing technology, unfortunately before the start

It needs improvement

  • Increased surveillance and potential support for authoritarian states
  • Big tech companies and governments will open AI systems as soon as possible, asking questions later
  • We will cry all the time (maybe)

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