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Verge 2018 Technology Report: SpaceX

After a 2017 banner, SpaceX decided in 2018 to launch the most powerful rocket in the world, carrying the sports center at Mars's orbit.

It only made two months in a year, SpaceX finally, Falcon Heavy launched the company's Falcon 9 rocket version. With three Falcon 9 centers, Falcon Heavy weighs less ground into orbit than any other rocket that is currently operating. The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced the concept of 2011 rocket for the first time in its 2013 or 2014 launch. Of course, it was longer than that and Musk admitted that the program was so complicated and several times. But until the run until 2018 the rocket was ready for the first test flight.

Although the launch was not so much tested, it was a curious space online. Musk decided to make his Tesla Roadster a test-loader for Falcon Heavy, a mannequin shaken in a driver's seat. And the cameras located above the rocket, the viewers could see each aspect of the flight, such as launching, simultaneously landing external boosters and manicuring cruise. At that time, YouTube was a regular live streaming event. (It could also be art.) SpaceX not only demonstrates the ability of Falcon Heavy, but the company also includes images of rocket geeks and non-space followers.

Apart from the Falcon Heavy flight, SpaceX is another key issue this year, though not so sexy: its debut version of Falcon 9, block 5. Falcon 9 is a Basketball cart at SpaceX, and the company is constantly repeating the design of the vehicle for the first time. But soon, SpaceX will fly with the astronaut on Falcon 9, and NASA wants to fly the same setup as the rocket before people ship them. Therefore, SpaceX presented block 5, the latest major versions of Falcon 9 by the company's plans.

Block 5 plans SpaceX to bring suit reuse to the next level. In order to reduce manufacturing costs, SpaceX has rolled its rockets over the last three years. Until now, the company has been able to launch the same vehicle twice in space, since it was almost impossible to reuse all of its reuse. But some hardware upgrades make it possible for Block 5 to be reused 10 times more than once, that is, without needing innovations to start. This scenario has not yet been released, but SpaceX can have a Falcon 9 Block 5 this year three times the first time it has ever happened. Block 5 is a turning point in SpaceX's business model.

Meanwhile, SpaceX's signature rocket continues, although the success of the company was successful this year. Almost all of the 14 rocket landing sessions in the company were in 2018, but during the Falcon Heavy flight, the booster power station did not touch an Atlantic drone boat, stuck to the ocean. For the first time in December, landing on Earth landed on Falcon 9 in the ocean. The first stop of unplanned landmarks has been seen by SpaceX for some time after a few successes in 2017.

However, rocket landings are roughly perks. SpaceX's business is essential, and this year has been a success. In this way, the company helps to keep away from the explosion of its final 2016 rocket. And, in the last year, SpaceX continues to dominate the aerospace industry for a long time. The company launched 21 total flights in 2018, one year old and the company's new record. In reality, SpaceX also hoped more This year, but now it has dropped to the satellite market. Still, the company is responsible for most of the rocket launches in the USA, as well as in countries such as Russia and China.

Of course, this would not be "SpaceX year", unless there were no mysteries to send bundles on the internet. In January, SpaceX set up a spy satellite for some unknown governments, but soon it seemed like the probes were burning in the orbit and at the earth's atmosphere. Due to the sensitive nature of the switches, the details were scarce and there was no clear indication of the blame for the failure of SpaceX. Eventually SpaceX defended its rockets and a study revealed the real cause of the accident: the chargers adapter that connects the rockets to the satellites did not open the nuclear orbit. This adapter made by Northrop Grumman would make SpaceX clear. However, Zuma was a mess with SpaceX's criticism, unlike the company's vehicles.

And while SpaceX still has the richest wealth in the US, long-term plans are a little bit slower. One of the busiest companies in the company is Starlink, which intends to focus on satellite internet coverage, using satellites using thousands of satellites that are synchronized with orbit. SpaceX successfully launches the first two satellite surveys this year and has received unprecedented approval from the Federal Communications Commission to launch the entire fleet in the following years. But that means SpaceX lots to launch. It must run at least six million in about half the fleet in the next six years or, therefore, to maintain FCC licenses. Every year, approximately 1,000 satellites. Yikes

SpaceX says the launch of satellites in 2019, but it is estimated that the entire Starlink program will cost $ 10 million. It's hard to get enough space for your SpaceX startup business (especially in the satellite market). And then another big SpaceX project has to be taken into account: the development of the company's next big rocket, Mars Colonial Transporter / Intercolonial Transport System / BFR / Starship / Super Heavy. The monster's vehicle, on the moon or on Mars, aims to take on a large number of people, presumably the future of the company. Likewise, the cost of $ 5 and $ 10 million is expected by Musk (the vehicle's design also varies).

Everything is this lots the money of development, and why SpaceX has been creative with funding. This year, not only did it get the best profit of $ 250 million, but it also gained $ 500 million from Starlink. And that's why SpaceX announced the future future star of Starship, a Japanese multimillionaire assumed an important deposit in the vehicle.

If so, SpaceX has still been the most dynamic space for years. And if you can believe it, it might be even more for the 2019 company. Next year, SpaceX last week will be able to launch the International Space Station in the NASA Commerce Crew Program in order to send human beings to space. When this happens, SpaceX will be the turning point of the intentions, and it will be able to overtake the 2018 achievements.

Final grade: A

2018 Grade

Verge 2018 report card: SpaceX

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Gold stars

  • The car opened a space in the most powerful rockets
  • The rich wealth of marketing in the US
  • Re-usability was banned in the next 5th

It needs improvement

  • Both voices rockets have fallen off two floors this year
  • It needs a lot of money for future projects

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