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Very abominable & # 39;: laws against Chinese scientist editing genes | News


Shenzhen, China – China has been educating Jiankui – to produce the world's first gene-edited babies, and nowadays it has to face penalties after publishing investigations into the scientific community condemned by negligence.

His work was "enormously annoying", Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Xi Nanping, said Xinhua's current situation is late.

Xiek genetically engineered the twin girls that DNA did not develop HIV attacks against scientific ethics, which was "explicitly prohibited" for the purpose of reproducing human embryos gene expression in China.

In Hong Kong's genes edition, he approved a speech on Wednesday when he started another pregnancy, although he would say that he would go on a very short time.

The embryo receives a small dose of Cas9 protein and PCSK9 sgRNA in a sperm injection mosaic at the Shenzhen laboratory [Mark Schiefelbein/AP]

A source confirmed that Al Jazira was returning to Shenzhen, but calling to his mobile phones, he was unanswered and read messages on the phone were read without response.

He was published in the social media by the magazine Nature magazine David Cyranoski and is ready to "collaborate fully" on his work.

Resolve Treats & # 39;

Scientists question questions questioned by institutions in Shenzhen and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Chinese National Health Commission said it would investigate its activities and do any wrong with "resolving", according to Xinhua.

Penal is not a questionable sentence Professor Qin Renzong, Emeritus Professor at the Philosophy Institute and Director of Center for Applied Ethics at the Academy of Social Sciences Sciences.

The study has sent shockwaves through the international scientific community, with a lack of real data and healthy embryos about a number of concerns about gene-editing. Scientists have long been concerned about the implications of humanity for this genetic engineering.

R Alta Charo, a professor of law and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin, said he was being prosecuted in the United States for "violating public law" and "sanctions" [that] Civil and Penalties ", through the use of human cells and therapies through the administration of food and drug administration, when cells are born.

The police involvement?

Qiu reported in Hunan province in 2012 that they were arrested by three investigators and subsequently kidnapped by three officials without accepting a rehearsal of genetically modified A-enriched vitamin A.

"The three scientists were disciplined, excluded from their positions, and could not apply for a grant in a specific order, so [He’s case] It can be similar to that, "said Qiu Al Jazira." I do not think the police will participate, but the ministries will be disciplined ".

He said in a video posted on Sunday – Births all over the world the same day – CRISPR-cas9 tool used to edit embryos so that babies could get rid of their father's affliction. virus

Anthropologist Eben Kirksey has stated that CRISPR has become a magical word related to HIV that it is "a promise that only one treatment should take". But, he added, there were other major hopes for HIV treatment, and did not believe that the HIV research community had a lot of "hope" in the genetic edition.

Researcher Zhou Xiaoqin, left, Cas9 protein and PCSK9 sgRNA molecules load He Jiankui laboratory in Shenzhen [Mark Schiefelbein/AP]

He gave an apologetic parody to the Hong Kong Human Genome Editors at the Second International Summit, although there could be more findings about birth information than before research into scientific community research.

Scientists said the representative was "proud", even though he had the same situation, and his son was "first tested".

Most of the other researchers believed that the great ethical questions that had been "edited", such as Lulu and Nana, who had twin babies, and "not-edited."

"Would it not be useful to determine a global ethical code of conduct, a minimum of authorization, and research and what standard?" ask Barbel Friedrich, Director of Advanced Studies at the Alfried Krupp Institute in Greifswald. "What we heard this morning violated the law, he admitted, but what we need is a global norm."

Institutions deny knowledge

On the border of Shenzhen, the organizations are moving away.

The Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Committee has conducted a panel of experts in the city to investigate its activities.

He is an Associate Professor of Science and Technology at the Southern University, where he has done research at university, has sealed his laboratory and await research. The research genome research website seems inaccessible.

A researcher in Shenzhen laboratory adapts a microplate between Cas9 protein and PCSK9 injected insect sgRNA [Mark Schiefelbein/AP]

When Al Jazeera visited the research laboratory, a campus located in the northern central power station of Shenzhen, the security authorities refused access and complained about the media they wanted to visit. The heads of communication departments did not respond to the research questions about the research activity.

At the doorway, there was a police station on the road, blue and red light flashing.

The Shenzhen Harmonicare Woman and Children's Hospital, where she is currently working on preventing hospitalization, says she believes that falsifying signatures that support the experiment are being falsified. Although the attempts to reach hospital officials were not successful, they were successful.

"We do not know whether this is still done," Qiu said. "Young scientists, as well as other motivations, want to make a lot of money for these young scientists."

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