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Victoria Secret closed over 50 stores in North America in 2019

Secrets of the Victoria Secret stores in North America face the execution of mortgages, following the poor financial performance of the lingerie chain.

After publishing the results of the fourth quarter of Marques, the sales of sales of the ads showed a 7% fall during the holiday quarter, which caused a great loss.

That is why the 53 store in North America will close the decline of performance, that is, over 15 times more than a quarter of the stores historically closed year after year, it has been confirmed by Hive Newspaper by Brands spokeswoman.

"Every year we have closed stores, so we are starting up the business, we analyze current and projected performance, sales, profits and cash flows, we will analyze the dynamics of commercial areas and affect store closures and closures in nearby establishments and , to a lesser extent, our online businesses, "said Stuart Burgdoerfer, L Brands CFO.

"And in stores that are not based on historical and projected results, but based on nearby stores, we will also consider selling sales projects, as well as the cost of sales, and we will close the store according to these criteria."

The company has not publicly determined which of the specific stores will be closed, but L Brands said closure stores are less than 5% of the current store.

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