Wednesday , October 20 2021

Victorians need smart sunlight: examine it


Victorians are dropping UV rays damaging the skin's protection, a study shows.

Five percent of the six to six months of January to February covered their arms with pools or beaches, the Cancer Council Victoria Studio reveals on Monday.

However, 15 percent of them covered their arms and gardens with 39 percent of them wearing protective clothing.

Victorian's streets and cafes in the outer streets covered the arms and legs, respectively, with 18% and 49%, respectively.

About three people wore parks, gardens, pools and beaches, most of which did not support the face, neck and ears.

Most people seen in parks, pools, or in beaches or cafes did not look for shade.

But half of the people saw sunglasses in the pool or on the beach, while three people protected parks, gardens, cafes and streets.

Older people aged 50 or older would be more serious than sluggish, sloping, sharp.

"The ultraviolet radiation of the sun is pretty strong at this time, the sun's emptying in 11 minutes. Although the signs disappear, it is still harmful," said SunSmarte director Heather Walker.

"The more time you spend without sunburn, the more UV damage will continue to build, increasing the risk of skin cancer, including the most deadly form – melanoma."

Nearly 3,000 Byzantine were diagnosed with melanoma and 270 illnesses were killed in 2017.

Loose clothing, hat, shade, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended together.

The study is based on observations made in 249 rooms of 5451 people.

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