Sunday , January 17 2021

[VIDEO] Kevin Hart Oscars Controversy: "I'm Over It" – & # 39; GMA & # 39; Conversation

The messy comedy of Kevin Hart is not discussing the controversy over the Academy's Oscar. Wednesday Good Morning America.

During the 10-minute Q & A, Hart repeated a total of 14 times "More than I" at one point, although it reminds us of the jokes of the external camera crew.

"I've evolved, and that has told me, I am more than myself, Said Hart GMA Michael Strahan anchor. "I do not know how to change, I do not say what I have done and what's new to me. I'm not telling myself. I've done it. I've done it many times – I Tweet, I talked when I went EllenI said in my radio show – I did it. So you need to know everything you need, and that's why, if it's great, we've got something. If not, I can not do anything now. "

In the midst of the conversation, Strahan talked about a remodeled Hart tweet, and the comic suggested that a doll on his son's head would be playing with the toy. When he was asked how his father could ask his baby to be gay, or a gay boy who is gay, Hart made a defense.

"Are you a monster, Mike?" Hart replied. "It's safe to have a good energy. You are sure to say that you are a loving person. Why would not I be different? Why would I ever take it for something? Why do you need it? proved are you loving every individual? You know yourself and you are the people you know … That's the position I am. To prove that I am not, I would not have to prove the love of love that I must give. If someone thinks that Kevin Hart is a monster, nobody would love them for the sake of these lives, then all power. "

Hart also refused to stoke from fires around him Ellen Conversation

"This tells us that it is not over," he said to his reaction from his obvious guilt. "If you continue to nourish this energy, it's growing … I do not give it any more, it's endless. So I do not ask questions, I hear everything you're saying, but we all know it. I had an opportunity when I said personally I did not will speak again ".

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