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Violations and threats in France reinforce the giant Indar Decathlon to get rid of the hijab runner

"We are making a decision effectively in deciding not to sell this product in France," said Xavier Rivoire, the decree of the RTL, told AFP that the company's first goal is "to make all women in the world have the sport".

Others say that Muslim women can be an active part of a wider society.

France divided her hijab in 2004, covering her hair, but she left her face open from classrooms and government offices, but it was a sight in the streets.

The French hijab's starting point generates a new line of Muslim women's attire

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In 2016, the country's largest Muslim population in Europe was distributed deep into the "burkini" bathing suits.

The small French retailer, Decathlon, already sells the city in his store in Morocco, and comes up with French clothing over the next few weeks.

"If the product craze (Morocco) in" other countries "is available, as Rivoire says, he adds to the costume" his face is free and spectacular. "

Angelique Thibault, when he founded the Decathlon clothing brand Kalenji, said that "women are constantly motivated to run in every neighborhood, every city, everywhere in the country".

Decathlon's report on sporting hijabras in France, however, was publicly in progress.

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This product is "not legally prohibited," Agnes Buzyn Health Minister replied to RTL, but "women do not share a vision of women. I would prefer that a French brand does not promote the veto."

Aurore Berge, according to Emmanuel Macron's Republican Movement (LREM) spokesman, says, "Eradicates sport does not rot" when they hide when "women only accept public space."

Many political leaders boycotted the issue.

Decathlon posted on Tuesdays on Tuesday as his staff was aggressive.

"Our customer service team has received more than 500 emails and emails this morning. Our stores have been insolvent and threatened by our teams, sometimes physically," said Tweets (see below).

There were some types of messages contained in Tweeter, including those who sent them, if Decathlon sold explosive belts and still called "traitors to French securities."

And some politicians defended the French sports store, such as the French Sports Minister, Roxana Maracineanu.

"My role is to promote all sports progress, inclusion, respect and diversity," he said. "Thanks to these reasons, women, mothers, young girls are everywhere and I want to practice sports, because I think it's a powerful tool for fertility."

Similarly, Nicole Belloubet, Justice Minister, stated that she was not planning to sell Decathlon's hijab sports against the law.

"We have become a hysterical matter and I regret it," said BFM on a television interview. "If the law is respected, I have not made any other comments."

Some have abandoned the sports hijab store, revealing Islamophobia level in France.

"I think it's sad," said Sociologist and documentary Agnes de Feo. "A brand has been forced as a racist.

"Only a positive point is that this collective story has been endured and no one is reluctant to exclude Islamophobia in France," he added.

Meanwhile, United States sports teams Nike offers a hijab for women, black, gray or white, 30 euros ($ 34).

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