Wednesday , October 20 2021

Voting of the Council following a "bad post" forbidding the suspension of Farkas


COUN. Jeromy Farkas, Monday's Town Hall, was named as the Facebook post by Naheed Nenshi, the "evil and careless post".

The councilor Ward 11 denounced the 2019 wage freeze, the council would pay a 2.3% increase.

However, Nenshi said the post is outdated and that it contrasts with more recent information on the current situation, which will be 0.2 percentage points next year.

"This information is dated November 21. This information was today, December 17, a whole month later. In truth, trusting over old information … when newer information is bad and irresponsible," said Nenshi.

He is committed to the anti-Farkas campaign.

"What is this Facebook post, it's not just spin, it's controversial," said Nenshi.

Nenshi asked Farkas to say what he said and to apologize and Farkas denied that the last number of the next year was still unknown, he voted for a move that the Council excluded from the congress.

Council payments are adjusted annually and binds Canadian Weekly weekly earnings in Canadian Statistics. The real adjustment to the 2019 salary will be this week.

The vote was 14-1, with only one vote for Farkas.

The Councilmaker has duplicated in Twitter immediately after the meeting has been held that the voting record was public knowledge and that it was up to date after the number of weeks after receiving the information, even though it was updated. This information was submitted to that council on that day.

He wanted to vote against the vote until December 20 when the official adjustment is known.

According to Nenshi Councilor, the citizens are better off not getting "miserable" poorly informed. He said the major councilors said the truth.

COUN. Jeromy Farkas, Calgary City Council meeting began on Monday. (Mike Symington / CBC)

It was not the first time the Councilor of Farkas was accused of lying down or apologizing for his apology.

A few weeks ago, Coun. Jyoti Gond accused Farkasi of being accused of his colleagues following the accusation of harassment in the closing council session.

And when he was accused of incriminating, however, the payment was frozen first because it is a Console. Ward Sutherland announced the move he already mentioned.

Nenshik said the media's "colleagues' frustration in Farkas", repeatedly repeated their comments, leaving the councilors out of the municipal councils.

Farkas returns to the next meeting, said Nenshi.

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