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Wall Street can be won Monday, but it is difficult to silence the loss of December

BOSTON (Reuters) – Investors have been able to see their last week-long sales business on Wall Street stock, but they do not expect profits to lose profits in the worst December 1930.

The trader works at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, United States, on December 28, 2018. REUTERS / Jeenah Moon

"I think that there is a possibility of entering the market at the end of the year," said Jake Dollarhide, CEO of Longbow Asset Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Positive news about new trade conflicts in China and the president of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell's forecasts may come up with forecasts, said Dollarhide. However, it does not matter which powerful rally is any potential, market unease is expected to remain.

"Since the beginning of December and the worst of December since the Great Depression, it leaves a very sustainable image, how bad it was," said Dollarhide. "There is no such thing, tomorrow we'll go tomorrow."

Last week, Wall Street's worst downturn of Christmas Eve began, pushing S & P 500 into a whisker of small market lands. In general, the global MSCI index, S & P 500, Dow and Nasdaq's 2008 financial crisis, are their worst years.

Despite the strong data on consumer spending, housing data has not been seen, and the market has been seen in the absence of insecurity and US government shutdowns.

"Nice day is Monday afternoon … so I do not believe that fire suppression is very high," said Rick Meckler, associate, Cherry Lane Investments in New Vernon, New Jersey. "I think you are seeing good buyers in the market, and a stronger and more powerful base upwards."

The US President, Donald Trump, has announced that it has progressed to the conflict of trade in China, which could lead to stocks, Meckler said. Additionally, strong consumer spending on Christmas expenses may be in the market.

But after a violent blow over these months, the last day of the negotiations is expected to be inadequate. Some companies make the most important ads on the last day of the year and the volume of the commercial is expected to be clear.

On Friday, economic data was eliminated, mainly due to slowdown in Japanese production and retail sales, with less inflation in Germany, and, according to November, the contracts for the purchase of dwellings allegedly collapsed unexpectedly in November.

Breaking news, the Chicago Purchase Management Index reached an agreement.

The most important indices entered and came out on a positive territory on Friday, when Dow and S & P lowered their shelves, while Nasdaq made a modest win.

"I think the Friday closure is very positive in front of the bulls," said Oliver Pursche, a member of Bruderman Asset Management. However, despite the loss of the session, Pursche said they should enter in January. "Investors must turn aside and down."

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