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Wall St's two-day rally technology breaks up, wave weakness Reuters

© Reuters. Vendors work in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) floor in New York

By Medha Singh

(United Kingdom) – U.S. The third day of the third day of the stock fighting on Friday, which sharpened the drop in energy and technology sectors, shook the market at the end of the week.

This week, Wall Street's worst Christmas fall began, and Dow Jones Industrial Average () continues with more than 1,000 points on Wednesday and has won an amazing fifty-five return on Thursday.

The trend continued on Friday among the three major gains in profits and losses. The slots, however, were less, 0.78% higher than S & P 500, down 0.64% before the low session.

Technology stocks (), had the power of the current year and the flat rate of the last retired, energy stocks (0.33%).

The market was financial () and health () sectors, with around 0.4%.

"We are seeing some great moves today, and I hope to continue on a wild walk, like those we saw in the last days of business day," said Ryan Nauman, Zephyr Cove, in the Nevada Financial Intelligence Market Strategy.

"Since the beginning of October, investors have more defense. More than buying it, they are selling challenges, they want to make a profit," said Nauman.

An unexpectedly unexpected report on the purchase of pre-owned housing was unexpectedly the biggest weakness in the housing market in November in November.

11:36 a.m. At Dow Jones Industrial Average, it increased by 20.07 points or 0.09 points at 23,158.89 per day; S & P 500 () was a 2.33 percentage point increase, or 0.09 percent, 2,491.16. Nasdaq Composite () increased 5.5 points, or 0.08%, 6,558.08.

While the three indexes continue to rise, they hold a series of three-week direct losses, a 9% decrease on December 9, and have since fallen the highest percentage since 2008.

Investors will enter 2019, U.S.-China trade tensions, rising interest rates, and cooling economies, as the United States government has shut down, with concerns begun on Saturday.

In Stock, Tesla Inc (O) has risen by 2.9% after the automotive industry Oracle Corp. (N 🙂 co-founder Larry Ellison and Walgreens Boots Alliance (O 🙂 executive Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as two independent directors.

In the future, issues have declined by 1 ratio of 1 .59 in NYSE and using the 1.66-a-1 Nasdaq ratio.

The index of S & P was not 52 days old and no new record, Nasdaq had four new heights and 52 new ones.

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