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Wally Oppal Defends House Speaker, "Advice"


B.C. former Wally Oppal is advocating for the attorney general's lawmaker, Darryl Plecas, who advised on the scandal, two civil servants placed in the administrative permit at the center of an RCMP investigation.

Oppal commented on what he did with Plecas and his special advisor, Alan Mullen, on Friday.

He said that he was misunderstood by Plecas, when Sergeant-at-Arms escaped from Clerk's house Gary Lenz and Craig's house and escorted from home.

"[Plecas] He is a teacher with emotional intelligence, and he did not do anything in a strange way, "said Oppal.

Darryl Plecas, the newly appointed second speaker, has not made a "decision" to release the public statement. 0:57

Former National Advisors of the National Court were appointed as the second consultant for Plecas to advise on what is called legal issues.

According to Oppal, he has not been able to do any criminal investigation, and has seen the appointment of two special Prosecutors, but no details to the public.

"I can not commit to research," he said.

The scandal is in constant detail

Plecas has been in a state of warmth, when the official Opposition asked Mullen – or longtime friend – to act as a special adviser in January, partly because of Lenz and James's concerns.

Mullen was able to study his findings for a month with men at the RCMP for seven months, which opened his research. The research led to the movement that Lenz and James had abolished on Tuesday.

House Speaker Darryl Plecas and his first special adviser Alan Mull's loudspeaker office enter B.C. Gasteiz Parliament on Thursday. (Tanya Fletcher / CBC)

On Thursday, Opposition House Leader Mary Polak told Plecas Mullen he asked if he had to replace Lenz – and that idea was quickly rolled down.

Since Polak's revelation, Plecas largely dismissed the reporters. He once again scheduled and canceled a conference, and then ordered a statement that never happened.

Opposition leaders pose concerns about the speaker's plan to name a friend in sergeant arms. 0:52

Oppal thought that Plecas chose "wise" to avoid the press.

"It's an ongoing criminal investigation that is really a vision of what we are doing, and this is peripheral, involving the Speaker. I understand people who are concerned about it, but I will tell the time," he said.

Instead, Mullen announced that Plecas had requested a special advice to help with some legitimate questions, and that Wally Oppal would enter that role.

On Friday, Oppal talked about the nature of the speaker.

"He is an honorable person and he has done what he has done and said he has received some advice … It's a bit unfair, I think, that the Speaker must go through," he said.

Acting officials

The current deputy secretary, Kate Ryan-Lloyd, is in charge of secretary and current Sergeant-at-Arms, Randy Ennis, as secretary until the investigation is scheduled.

The Home Secretary advises the loudspeaker and can consult in procedural matters, as well as maintaining the record of all legislative procedures.

The sergeant army is in charge of keeping order in the box office and other areas involved in the home business.

Oppal, former B.C. according to the main attorney, releasing the details, may impair the right of trial by the accused – if the criminal charges are never established. 0:50
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