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Warrenspiece: Pageau's surprise, Paul's presence and Lajoie de vivre

BROOKLYN – Jean-Gabriel Pageau received a new Christmas sweater.

When the Pageau Canadian Tire Center took ice on Thursday morning, he looked like another Ottawa Senator skater ice.

He was dressed as a purple or other strange color – as well as being a "no-contact" participant – Pageau was the first to open and free for the first time at the Achilles injury pressure camp.

"I have not said that I am ready to prepare early this morning, but I am approaching there and with a white sweater," said Pageau, a trip to Brooklyn that was not on Friday after the New York Islands training session. "I always feel better. Relationships are like game situations, and now it's my first day."

While the payment has exceeded all expectations during the ice when it is frozen, it is not possible to return to business activity. Discussion affects the doctor's physician and the surgeon's surgery.

"I did not feel sorry, that is, good. When I started skating I did not fall. Now I'm playing against resistance and the players push me. he said.

"I do not have the date to be considered (to return), but I want to be 100 percent."

Senator coach Guy Boucher will take a similar tone to propose that Pageau reproduces again.

"The first green light is and now you expect more," said Boucher. "At the same time, let's face it. Make sure you do the right thing and wait for the right moment."

PAUL PUSHES: With loss of 4-0 in the break with Washington Capitals, there are some positive Boucher's head.

Among them, Nick Paul's game was a three-goal game, after an exciting shot by John Carlson – at 14:02 in ice-time.

While Boucher waits until Friday morning, knowing whether or not to go to the Island with 11 or 12 progresses, Paul will play it.

"That was his best game, a country a mile," said Boucher about the attack against Paul's chapters. "We're definitely thinking of what we're doing right now – he skated – he has given a lot of options, his truthfulness was tough, he likes it and eventually produces it (Paul has helped 11 games since being called by Belleville) to give confidence, You never know, maybe the stick. We'll see it. "

REFUND RECOVERY: Craig Anderson is not solitary as a sole absentee contraction.

Justin Falk for the defense is also facing a head injury and did not play Thursday afternoon training at the Canadian Tire Center.

This means that the senator once again has seven healthy defenses. Seven people would play against Iceland, although Boucher is choosing a traditional combination of 12 strikers and six defense guys, Max Lajoie will return.

When he was lost in Washington, Lajoie was a healthy gap in the NHL for the first time.

"He does not sit (Friday)," said Boucher. (Washington) is a great group and we wanted to breathe. "

CHAOS PREPARING: The Senate coach was impressed with work etiquette and professionalism on Thursday's training, and it is often difficult for players to return to Christmas breaks.

The club entered the city of New Jersey and Washington lost to the troopers, but there is not much to rebuild around these games, because it is far behind in the mirror.

"We're too far from playing this game, players are coming out of Christmas with their family, they were totally out of the way," said Boucher, who claims Friday's competition, to spread all the mishaps that have happened to them.

FOCUSING TOURS: Nobody, of course, ought to criticize the senators for the curiosities and moods they have marked in the first half of the season.

Goaltender Mike McKenna witnessed the first time against Washington last weekend, and in many ways it's not like a passionate sound.

"We left very unfortunate (against Washington)," he said. "We made great scoring opportunities, but I think we have to be careful about the defense, in realism, that we will have an opportunity in these games.

"We're not going to want to play the track every night, 5-4 games. When we win the game 3-2 we lose 2-1, it's less. My job is to find a way to do everything I can. I have done everything I need, but we must tighten it. "



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