Friday , February 3 2023

Washington Post: Trump says his "gut" can be said more than "the brains of anyone else can ever say"


"I'm doing business and I'm not staying at Fed," Trump said in the interview. "They are making a mistake because they have a gut and my guess tells me more sometimes than others tell me the brain."

GM announced Wednesday that it will close five American plant production and reduce employee salaries by 15%, including a quarter of the company executives.

The Lehendakari said that Post was "not happy", too, with Jerome Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve.

Trump has long been frustrated by Powell. Focusing on mid-November elections, Trump repeatedly emphasized the rising interest rates that called Fed "crazy" and "curse". Since July, trump's Powell interim analysis has gradually increased with new dark threats to shoot the Fed president.
In a massive interview with Post, Trump released a report from the United States last week on a regular warning about climate change and its destructive effects.

Trump has said that "I do not see" advertisements like climate change as humans, despite the great consensus of the impact of climate change on the human-community scientific community.

"One of the problems of many people like me has a high degree of intelligence, but we are not necessarily believing," said Trump. "You look at our air and our water, and right now it is a clean record."

A government report said the US economy would lose $ 1 million or, in the worst case, more than 10% of gross domestic product at the end of the century.
Trump also threatened to suspend its scheduled meeting with Russia's president Vladimir Putin this week after the Russian ship opened fire and seized three Ukrainian waters near the Crimea. The Lehendakari will meet with the foreign leaders of the G20 meeting in Argentina and is ready to discuss security and regional issues, said Trump National Security Advisor, John Bolton, on Tuesday at the White House briefing.

Trump said he was waiting for a "full report" of his national security, according to the Post, and the report said "it will be very determined".

"Maybe I will not be meeting. Maybe I will not be meeting … I do not like attack. I do not want that attack," said Trump.

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