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We want to see Six Things "Dungeons & Dragons" in 2019

Dungeons & Dragons It was one of the best in the year 2018, and in the coming years, the round table is known.

While still technically not yet in 2018, Cosita Wizards has already stated this Dungeons & Dragons He has a record of another year. With the introduction of the outsized campaign, the inclusion of "digital first" publications and a two-part adventure, the game's developers were very busy and successful.

We do not know what will happen Dungeons & DragonsBut we have a well-liked list of favorites that we want to see next to the popular game. In the third edition, when entering the fifth year's session, we will add some well-known classes and settings for the next academic year. Here's our R & D expectations for next year:

Slide 1 6Artificer Class

Eberron, the cyclist "steampunk world" released in 2001, returned Dungeons & Dragons this year earlier. Wayfinder's Eberron Guide DragonBalls, Warforged, and Eberron's other parties, played on the fifth edition, but Eberron still has a key component: Artificer Class.

The new Artificer class has been added Dungeons & Dragons Eberron first came out and used to build magical elements. D & Dk released the Playtest version of the Artificer class in 2017, but did not participate Wayfinder Guide When the first edition of the book was released digitally. The designers are still working on the artificial article, so we hope that we will get an "official" release of the new class sometime in 2019.

Slide 2 6Psionics

There is also another feature underlying the rest of abilities Dungeons & Dragons psionic abilities for player characters Some monster like Illithid or githyanki have some psionic abilities, but we will not use it for any use unless they create a certain nature.

Mike Mearls is known through Happy Fun Hour as Mothers (one of the main intelligence behind D & D's Fifth Edition) is working on psionic rules, so it seems that there is a D & D channel. Psychology would not be a psychological way to open the Mystic class option, it is also the core of setting at least Fifth Edition. This leads us to the next slide …

Slide 3 6Dark Sun or Spelljammer
spelljammer 2

At this point, it's basically running a D & D community joke, how many fans want to see more campaign settings. Fans will clarify any doubts as to the D & D team as a "confirmation" coming soon, SpellJammer setting (a great fantasy set in space). Perhaps one of the biggest teasers was the introduction of a functional Spelljammer destination this year The giant magician's apple So it's inevitable that we will soon see a new SpellGlaster content soon.

After Spelljammer, we'll see it at for the new Solar Sunscreen. The dark sun is a post-apocalyptic D & D where innocuous arcane magic is used and most players use weapons that use more than just metal.

Some of these new campaign settings would be great. Tired people based on the Fifth Edition and world-class fantasy worlds would add new possibilities.

Slide 4 6Adventure Company Outside Waters Schemes

Since the seventh edition has been released since 2014, most of the game's content has been forgotten Reality Forgotten, a popular campaign created by Ed Greenwood, some of the most famous characters in the game. All of Xanathar, Volo, Elminster, Waterdeep, Chult and other D & D people are forgotten in Realms, so it makes sense to be the focus of the official content of the game.

We love anticipated Realms as the next D & D fan, but in recent years the D & D brand has become synonymous. Only from 2014 Strahd Curse (An adventure dubbed as a Ravenloft campaign) and Yawning portal accounts (The mini-adventures of Greyhawk have been forgotten).

Even though I do not forget D & D without forgetting Realms, but it may be external adventures for the outside campaign. Official R & D adventures have a dual purpose: the DM is a pre-made adventure and inspired by the DMs that want to build their campaigns. Adjusting an adventure outside of negative adventures (if you're using a new Ravnica setting!), Some D & D versions will be shown for new players.

Slide 5 6Magic items and spells
Player Manual

because it is Dungeons & Dragons It only publishes a few new releases of one year, fans are desperate for new content. And the only book is usually a book of rules, in many ways, it feels like many years ago, trying to get the most magic elements and flies in the attempt to build characters.

Obviously, each adventure has at least some new elements for players that are included, but they have not been released. Outside D & D, there is no official equipment manual or magical element resource that is included in a single place for all players and DM.

Personally, I hope the 2019 rule collection focuses on magic elements and spells. Give us all the bookstores and all the items in one place that includes magic banners and a bunch of new players.

Slide 6 6Community grow

Since we launched the R + D project started this year, the most important part of the game is a community-built community. The D & D team is an excellent work for all soccer players to work in a unique and unforgettable environment, and they really push the game for everyone.

I love R & D communities and I look forward to growing in 2019. D & D is a great creative attraction in many ways, and I want to see that the community continues to embrace each part of it. Here D & D cosplay showcases, fine arts, fantasy stories, and whatever else D & D is inspired by players that perform next year.

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