Wednesday , January 27 2021

"We would prefer it early and finished"

The Captors of Royal Challengers Bangalore Captain Virat Kohli praised his bowlers over the game over 18th, despite defending 70 total Chennai against Super Kings in the 2019 Indian Premier League opening game.

On a sharp Chepauk cyclist, Bangalore attackers were unable to stand against champion defenders, and Imran Tahir and Harbhajan Singh spinners lost their wicket crossing over their line.

Chennai completed seven wickets with a comfortable victory, but Kohli said the league at the beginning preferred these defeats.

"The team is not going to start like this," Kohli said in the match presentation. "Good thing is a game like this [now] Instead [at] The stage is very important. We would prefer to have this as soon as possible and to do so, we want to look like that. "

Although Kohli defended his rhythm, the performance was worse off, and he soon began to think about it.

"Nobody thought how wicket would play," he said. "It's much better than playing, we thought somewhere [between] An increasing score of 140-150 points would be due to the fluency factor. "

Bangalore was positive because their rumors did not give way, although he barely held up his mind and worked hard for Chennai.

The second key, not only for Chennai to work, but also for knowing how to play the pitch. They took on a more demanding approach and, as the champions went away, they had little power.

Rayudu, the leading player, took 42 balls for 28 stairs. It helped Suresh Raina, made 19 of the 21 riders and was the first player of 5,000 IPL stairs. However, thanks to the secondary participation of the two runners, Bangalore bowlers did not leave.

Yuzvendra Chahal gave six steps to her four corners and received a wicket

Yuzvendra Chahal gave six steps to her four corners and received a wicket

Yuzvendra Chahal was especially impressive. Shane Watson's 10-pox duck bowl was given only six runs. Mohammed Siraj and Moeen Ali were also taken twice.

"I am very pleased with the positions they showed on the field," said Kohli. "We talked about joining the eighteenth century, how to find ways of being in play and the way forward in the way of competitiveness."

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