Wednesday , October 20 2021

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo answered SNL's Weezer Sketch


Midseason finals Saturday night Live, Hosted by Matt Damon, the unknown sketch about Weezer rock band appeared. The cycle, aimed at a niche for lovers of music, appears as a character that Damon and Leslie Jones intersect in a music festival bar or as a character in a party cafe. Weezer's music career began to suck up and, more specifically, suck. Damon's character has highlighted Weezer's latest work Black Album, it was great, and Jones's character argued that the first two albums of Weezer were good, and everything fell after the bass low by Matt Sharp. "Real Weezer fans have no good record Pinkerton! "He said that fans from all over the country are either smiling on television or by agreement.

Sunday morning, the team's frontman Cuomo rivers He took Twitter to meet the sketch, "AAGGGGHHHHHHH" and a bit of NSFW tweet. He wrote, "IT IS NOT A WITTER WHILE YOU ARE ENTERED AND IT IS NOT LIVING YOU TO BE LIVE AND IM TO BE PLEASED BY A AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH."

Cuomo was not the only weight on Twitter, the draft seemed to be an image of social networks, with fans commenting on Weezer's discography about tweeting.

Check out the draft and decide what is at the end of the Weezer debate:

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