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West Ham results 0-4 Man City, Premier League 2018/19 report: Sterling stars as champion emptying Pellegrini


Manuel Pellegrini entered into this meeting, declined the gap between six quarters and the rest of the Premier League for this season, trying to prove his old club badly.

Manchester City were common, but it did not make sense because the goals scored by David Silva, Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane were a bit easier, with two points left at the top of the table.

Pellegrini had to face the first places in the first place, claiming players to record the record for the champions, denying them to select these spaces among their hosts.

He also reflected on his team selection. The half-pitch pitch that took place for the resting place was chosen by Chilean Michail Antonio 4-4-2, when he began to share with Marco Arnautovic from September.

She looked at it early in the morning. Thanks to Antonio and Grady Diangan, the challenge was to keep behind and win wins with record signature Felipe Anderson.

That's where the hope was over. Anderson tried and failed, and 38 seconds later, City had the lead.

Declan Rice made a significant effort to stop Leroy Sane's break, so that Pellegrini could be more painful for Kyle Walker and Sterling, the youngster who signed the city of Liverpool to undo.

The eternal square hung next to Arthur Masuaku's legs, against Aaron Cresswell. He was appointed to the bank against Huddersfield and Burnley before cutting off Issa Diop.

Pep Guardiola's side won 13 times in the network, in the last three trips in Stratford, and the 14th place was extended in the 15th.

If there were one of the first misfortunes, the decommissioning of the usual trusted Diop, then the blame was secondary.

Leroy San scored Pablo Zabaleta with ease, with a six-kilometer line to Sterling, and Masuaku disappeared and scored the seventh goal of the season.

The city was in a popular place, happy. Both good goals and, in spite of the short exception of the hosts that obtain Sterling's goal, without worrying in the back.

The international of England escaped Masuaku and was increasingly pleased every time.

The third goal, but the game was dead, but it was perfect. Sterling, once again, lifted a ball over Masuaku and Sane down. He was missing a six-meter hefty sneaker. The German made the ball perfectly fit, Balbena left on the floor and Fabiansky passed.

Half an hour later, Pellegrini came over to Arthur Masuaku when he made an hour earlier than Aaron Cresswell's shot.

At least the substitution stopped stopping the continuous flow of opportunity, but despite efforts, it reached the other end.

A second change has happened soon, and it has really been the difference. Javier Hernandez replaced Diangana and quickly found it. Former goalkeeper Nicolas Otamendi and Aymeric Laporter left Manchester United in the Manchester United, and Antonio continues. He was led by Ederson, but the goalkeeper kept waiting for the ball and raised the ball until he saw the shot. You can not miss out on this prestige.

Hernandez and Balbuena came over Ederson's lair, but City was made. Back in Lyon, fourth week of the league of champions, Phil Foden replaced Ilkay Gundogan instead of brilliant Riyadh Mahrez Sterling.

The bad news that happened once again came to Pellegrini, Arnautovic called him a few minutes a day after he was able to overcome his manager and could not continue following the tunnel. After three changes, the hosts reached ten men and showed that despite Cresswell's efforts on the line, San scored four goals.

The title of the title of Guardiola is that it seems that the defense is inevitable. His predecessors, however, may have reminded the work, and had to make another investment, again, to take advantage of this calibration.

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