Friday , March 31 2023

West Vancouver disappears after women have been sentenced to criminal, abuse cases


WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – An officer from West Vancouver has abandoned himself when he sends nude pictures to women involved in cases of domestic and domestic abuse.

A three-month report by the Police Criminal Commissioner has complained that less than 25 cases have been made to involve women in romance among women. 14 allegations of "unauthorized use of police resources" and 11 "unrecognized conduct" appeared, through their work phone, to collect nudity, to eliminate women's traffic revenue.

"He uses the mobile phones and computers of the Police department to send communications, including a nude photo to the domestic violence violence," he says.

"The police use police databases (CPIC and PRIME) to look for a female friend," one tells.

He said: "The police use email from its department to mislead email messages to be a victim of an ongoing high-risk crime investigation."

The official not nominated in the OPCC report has resigned the investigation into the Law of Police. However, on the allegations of each of the 14 operating equipment, he received a five-day suspension, and 11 lacking behavior triggered a shot.

"The Disciplinary Authority collectively determined the police behavior of the police and the public against the expectations of the police. The weaknesses of female police officers, especially sexism, power and current understanding of the culture, worsened dramatically." The report indicates the case of the official .

"The police have trusted the public and the police department to disrupt the dismissal."

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