Saturday , February 4 2023

WestJet runs a direct flight from San Juan to Dublin


In the summer of 2019, there will be less European flights for San Juan.

WestJet announced on Friday to end the service to San Juan and Dublin.

"We understand that it is a wonderful news in the Community and in Newfoundland and Labradean and we feel happy that we can not start it in 2019," a spokeswoman told CBC News.

"This decision has not been taken quickly".

The San Juan International Airport Authority said it was launching in 2013 "the launch of a new route for WestJet's history".

"We are very disappointed with this decision, but WestJet continues working to grow our services from our airport," the spokesman said.

Going to Ireland does not start the airline's expectations in 2013, the spokesman said, and so it will be suspended.

WestJet offers anyone who wishes to book a flight from San Juan-Dublin route to change the route through Halifax.

Halifax-Dublin direct service will continue in 2019, WestJet said.

Changing the routes

In January, WestJet also canceled the direct flight from London Gatwick Airport.

This year, the Calgary-based airline company has made numerous announcements, making Deer Lake twice a day for flights to Halifax.

WestJet also added a direct flight from San Juan to Florida.

In October, boosting fuel costs, mixing and competing competitions made the third quarter of the WestJet Airlines Ltd. a profitable increase a year earlier.

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