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What does Dana White mean when Sage Northcutt says he needs some jobs?


When the Sage Northcutt show began to fill its promises, the UFC has created and abandoned it.

Perhaps it is a better way to put an end to the promotion of fighting for another season. Right now, anyway. And its explanation is very clear, if not very surprising.

UFC President Dana White said "UFC Unfiltered" podcast hosts, "let (Northcutt) go" with his existing contract he fought three wrestling lines.

"Sage is young, and Sage needs some work," White said. "We will see some jobs left in other institutions and see where another boy ends, maybe we'll recover again."

At first sight, this statement seems confusing. Northcutt has been in the UFC for three years. He won 6-2 in two different weight classes, and the final winner was TKO Zak Ottow, and there was no hand-picked push with Northcutt's starting opponents.

Likewise, thanks to the linear nature of time, it has been older than ever. So how is your youngster and an experienced manager now, three years ago, no problem, when he was younger and less experienced?

The answer is easy to imagine the best observers of this sport. As is often the case, White does not mean exactly what he has said. This is the speaker's promoter, and must be decrypted to reach the true explanation.

For beginners, consider how Northcutt came to the UFC. Dana White's first "Dana White: Lookin" series of the first series of the series, "Signed with the UFC 5-0 record and signed as a pro for more than a year.

He also earned a high-level entry-level contract, earning $ 40,000 and earning $ 40,000, to win his second fight with the UFC. (That night, the man who won Cody Pfister earned only $ 12,000 for his third promotion.)

Such things got people's attention. Also, Northcutt was almost aggressively healthy. Colgate smiled. She had dark hair dark. He had muscles and muscles. The UFC decided to create a television fighter from a central casting.

It was "discovered" by White's show, and then they were very close to reinforcing a type of narrative that gained much more than winning their opponents. The UFC wanted Northcutt, which would not be denied.

So how did we end here, three and a half years later, and then, Northcutt is still too young and too inexperienced to continue in the UFC? It's very easy. They are odds, as we do not talk about the product as a price tag.

And, straight, Northcutt's price tag has risen. When the official winners of the final losses were publicly available, Mickey Gall's loss of presentation at the UFC in FOX 22 in 2016 was $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 to show off money. That was before three winners, and that's why he started to climb more wages.

After completing the winner's note contract, it is not hard to imitate significant upheaval that Northcutt has to sign with UFC. It is not difficult, too, that the UFC deciding to stroll was not worth the card cost.

We've seen it before the UFC. Fighting promotion is always valid for the next card to convince fans of the fighters ours money. These fighters have asked for more UFCs his Calculation of the money that begins to change.

Thus, with the next big thing, you need more work and more experience. You know, unless you lower your price.

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