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What happened in the morning, the fire that flew over the East Coast?


A fireball is not mere colloquialism. It's today's astronomy, and almost 200 people on the east coast opened this morning this morning.

The non-profit American Meteor Society received more than 190 reports in seven states, including Pennsylvania, with Fireball, a meteorite that is more radiant than Venus on the Delaware shore over a small section of the sky. 11:35 a.m.

From a New Jersey observatory, fireballs were less than 10 seconds visible.

More information here: https://www.amsmeteors.org/2019/01/bright-fireball-over-the-east-coast/ Video Credit: Jermy Settle – https://twitter.com/jeremysettle

It seems that, above all, they have caught sight of the lookouts of the watchmen, with whom he would inform the American Meteorological Association. – From north west Carolina to Long Island.

"The greatest, brightest and fastest object I have ever seen," wrote observer Mike F. Quakertown.

Based on the reports, the AMS shows a weathering that travels northwest-southwest to Norfolk's southeastern Atlantic Ocean.

There are significant clusters in southeastern Pennsylvania, Richmond, Va, and Maryland coastlines.

Thousands of meteors will be there, a fascinating atmosphere against fire all day long, but usually in the oceans and in daytime or nighttime most disguised in the sun.

A lighter fireball with less sight. For example, an experienced observer can see the magnitude with a distance of 4 ° – due to the shining of Venus – watching every 20 hours. But the fireball of bright magnitudes, for example -6 or better, can be seen at 200 observations per hour. It is still shining brighter than a quarter-long moon.

AMS has not reported whether it has reached the ground or the sea, becoming a meteorite. A fireball generally needs a shine from 8 to 10 to have enough mass on the floor.

In other words, it's strange. "Good data" 800 fireballs were collected around the AMS, and only four of them were registered as meteorites on the ground.

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