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What happens with video games in 2019? | Games


VVideo games are a form of art and entertainment, which predicts the game industry to make great predictions. Probably Fifa and Call of Duty will face each other every year, and surely Assassin's Creed will be a new one, and Nintendo will take Mario, Zelda or Pokémon fresh, but planned for 2018 Fortnite, The colorful cartoon shooter started with the little fanfarre of 2017, but it turned into a global phenomenon last year. Or one of the most popular gaming critics in 2018, would it be a version of the 80s obsession with the Tetris psychedelic version?

Nowadays, they play games that are more than two million of all ages, all over the world, on phones, PCs or PlayStation. In addition to the epic western Rockstar Red Dead Redemption 2, the weekend of the opening of £ 550m, just like a year ago, the most important winners of 2018 were the Clash Royale and Pokémon Go on mobile, League Legends and Counter-Strike PCs and omnipresent Fortnite- k. These amazing mega games are amazing: Fortnitek earns $ 100m (£ 78.5m) from his epic games creator, week. As for the circulation, any new game released in 2019 will compete.

Certainly, Harry Potter is probably Wizards Unite, a mobile game of the creators of Pokemon Go, which combines the magical world of JK Rowling with the real one. When you walk around your neighborhood, your phone will alert you to magic traces in random locations. As happened with Pokémon Joan, you will see people of Potter love over thousands of years old, gathering in strange locations, by looking at the phone, knowing the nodes.

Over the past five years, home game consoles have been playing, from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which means that new releases will be announced (and will probably start in 2020). This year's best console games are the end of the waves of big hitters. Sony has released the last two versions of The Last of Us: Part 2, a brilliant cinematic adventure film that combines post-apocalyptic zombie scenes (think The Walking Dead, except when it was good), and paying tribute to Tsushima's Ghost Samurai movie . On Xbox, Microsoft has moved the superhero action game to Crackdown 3. EA's Anthem, a science-fiction game, featuring players mech outfits and aliens on the ground, which gathers together the planets. Kingdom Hearts 3, Disney's iconic characters and world-renowned comedian sequel, will dominate Japan's hometown.

Exciting solutions ... designers discussed Anthem game E3 conference in 2018.

Exciting solutions … The designers discussed the game Anthem game E3 in 2018. Photo: Mike Nelson / EPA

The next development of games is how to change how Netflix's playback style changes, although this will not happen in 2019. In the games game, almost all the major players are experimenting with game-streaming technology, from Microsoft to Ubisoft from Google, and Amazon and its executives think about how to change the world. Right now, games are running on the device you are playing, but playback of the game could be played on the same device in your device, on the home screen or in the computer office, shaking all the technicians. Go to the cloud and keep the consumer from buying expensive consoles. Microsoft runs the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service provisionally streaming new services so that you can pay less than £ 50 in the monthly fee.

However, direct streaming is based on Internet transmission, and no one has yet to solve any serious problem. The transmission of a movie uses a lot less data than playing a game, and it is not a big problem if you play back some of the movies you play, but video games must be played to be extremely sensitive or tough to play. And many players are just ready to leave with their consoles, new and untested technologies. Many of us have a sense of physical gaming and consolation, but even though new generations do not burden themselves with this sentimentality. It is unlikely that 2019 technology transmission will become the latest technology technology business game industry, but it will be another step forward.

When talking about business models, essay boxes, government inquiries, and media reports that are currently viewed on a variety of games, we have begun to eliminate games this year. However, they have returned to titles like Forza 7 and Star Wars Battlefront, and in Belgium, since the regulars have paid special attention, Blizzard overwashes Overwatch and Storm Heroes. Loot boards earn money – many of them in the FIFA Ultimate Team games, but the negative advertising of those who have won the random game continue, the publishers would have to consider other ways of "resource revenue" boxes.

In the video game world we are approaching the end of a cycle, and the world seems like a flow. Brexit threatens to destroy the gaming industries in the United Kingdom, and it is the people that spend all over the world investing nerves, in some cases that may be affected by video game behemoth companies, and may lead to fewer risks after a few years.

Every year, however, we also see new people doing games and playing games, which develop young developers and players in their own conditions and create new videogame cultures are becoming more and more interesting. .

This year, Hypnospace Outlaw, a surrealist online detective game in the 1990s and NeoCab, a science-fiction narrative game, I like to say about the malicious nature of the economic concert. In such years, where blockbuster games are becoming thinner on the ground and giant industry, indie producers have more brilliance.

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