Thursday , January 21 2021

What is the garbage space? Not only Satellites, but Mementos, Tools and Poop

OSee 60 years ago, human ingenuity has helped us to send Earth objects to space. Unfortunately, we did not completely clean it. Now, an unexpected 500,000 piece of "space junk" on our planet is growing, some of them seriously threaten spacecraft, satellites and modules that trust us on earth. The rest is curious, and occasionally sweet.

Most garbage has eliminated some dead satellites and excluded rocket protectors, many of which damage satellite satellites in one million dollars in the sky. But debris are some strange objects that face human nature and human agreement. And while many things are lost in space – for example, the famous spatulation – when they enter the Earth's orbit, the next five elements are likely to be the space for years to come.

Golf Balls

Alan Shepard finds golf balls in space.

During the Apollo 14 missile in 1971, Commander Alan Shepard became a famous American for the first time in space for ten years. Three-stroke balls are still located in the Fra Mauro region of the Moon. Shepard's first two shots did not go so well, but the third ball went "mile and mile."

Portrait of a family

moon portrait
Family portrait of Charlie Duke's nephew.

The pilot lunar Charlie Duke Apollo 16 was the tenth on the moon. When he was on the moon in 1972, he was the youngest person ever to do. The duke's time on the moon was also special about what he left: a photograph of his family is still there.

While the photograph itself probably disappeared, the written below is probably in its entirety. The inscription says: "Charlie Duke is a family of astronauts on Earth's land on Earth on April 20, 1972."

Scotty's Ashes

James Doohan
James Doohan's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star after his death.

Canadian actor James Doohan was a famous Scottish Chief Engineer portrait Star TrekStarship Enterprise, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. After eight years after the actor died in 2005, a small urn with his ashes was launched on the Falcon 9 rocket. His stars were thrown through an agreement between SpaceX and Celestis space company Spanish companies. The Doohan traces were not unique: there were another 308 people on the flight. $ 2,995 per gold per gram of raw ash.

Weather Satellite Old

satellite, meteostat
Meteosat satellite image.

The space agency disappeared in different ways by the satellite. When satellites are relatively close to the orbit, they stop the final regulation of the fuel when they get out of orbit and fall into the earth's atmosphere. On other occasions, the satellites control the orbit and, from the earth's surface, the Earth has moved to New Zealand from the coast of New Zealand to the east of the Pacific Ocean, the "space cemetery …" and the large range of the satellite's orbit, its makers come from Earth's 200-kilometer orbit, called "cemetery orbit" . This is a fast part of space.

In 2017, he called the satellite weather Meteosat-7 cemetery was sent to the last resting space. However, it was a good race: it was the longest operational meteorological satellite in Europe.

Poop, Pee and Puke

poop train
Space poop

It is true that mankind covers the moon with objects made by men. It is also true that some of these elements are more than others.

So far, astronauts have dropped roughly 96 slowly, slowly crumble on the lunar surface. Space is a beautiful causal exploration: to bring the rocks, colors and dirty of the moon, some things have been left behind. These things come from people.

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