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What is the highest-paid coach?


Voice & # 39; The Voice & # 39; Judges: (L-R) Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson | Photo: Trae Patton / NBC

Each season Voice Thus, four celebrities make the winning singles team building to earn money. The coaches are very impressive in their careers and new hits are still coming. In this way, they earn money to make a trip and a show. But who shows the greatest show? Here is what you need to know about the most money and why it works.

Blake Shelton, however, is a high-paid coach Voice Over 13 million dollars per season

Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton The Voice Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton | Patton / NBC

This answer may not be very surprising, the first season that Blake Shelton had in the show. He also won six wins. This means that the aspiring singer wants to be the place of his team and the audience Voice I really like it. The genre of the country is quite beautiful, although the guest's coaches are divided between each other, pop or R & B.

Blake Shelton made about $ 13 million in 2016. In exchange for $ 13 million for the 2016 season, but with close contact with Gwen Stefani's negotiation, Gwen Stefani had a great deal of advantage in negotiation and bonuses for Life & Style. Stefani made $ 13 million in his second season show. However, he has not returned again. However, Shelton still has the benefits of this negotiation.

Adam Levine also made $ 13 million

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Blake Shelton and Adam Levine | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are a great respect Voice Since the season 1. In addition, he uses more rock experiences with Shelton, as is the case with country music. That's why it makes sense that Levine Shelton and Stefani will be behind the clock. He then made $ 13 million per season, but he chose Shelmani to negotiate negotiations with Stefani.

At that time, the highest salary was more than $ 13 million, at a time when a coach was paying. Life & Style announced that Christina Aguiler was the original coach, paying $ 17 million a year. But then he had to pay it for the seasons later. That's why Aguilera is not seen at the show.

Voice He is still trying to collect the best-known talents and stars of the show. John Legend, after his Oscar nomination, will be the show for the next season. Blake Shelton can affect retention as the most paid coach. But the salaries may not yet appear.

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