Monday , May 10 2021

What we do not know about the serious accident at the Ottawa bus station

Collapsed researchers have documented the accident rate in the Gel station bus in the Ottawa bus stops, but the public still can see what has happened with strong responses.

Three people were killed and 23 injured were injured after a double bus OC Transpo at the Westboro station after a speeding hour.

Here are just some of the areas that are most significant questions, more than 36 hours against the dead.

Crash cause

It is impossible for researchers to make any statement about the cause of the crash for a long time.

On Saturday, during the press conference, Sgt. Cameron Graham told a report by the Ottawa Police Service that he was looking for several elements: weather conditions, buses and "human factors".

Later on the same day, the researchers conducted a double-bus bus in the same Transitway circuit, the fast-moving bus network of the city, to find out what was going on during the crash.

Graham Bordeleau and Chief Charles Bordeleau, however, have said they will be a complex investigation. Transport is being investigated by the Canadian Ministry of Transportation and Ontario.

The aerial view of 2019 mortality on January 11 led OC Transpo to a Westboro station in Ottawa. (Guillaume Lafrenière / Radio-Canada)

Who are the victims?

Three killed dead, but Ottawa police do not name or give any other information.

In fact, the only details that came out were that some of the members of the Canadian Armed Forces were injured.

Angela Banville, Commandant of the Canadian Armed Forces Unit, said CBC News said Saturday that a number of "members of the defense" group had hurt and "knowing all available aid" would be made.

And it is possible that although the number of deaths may increase, it will probably not rise.

When Ottawa Hospital was reported Friday night, nine people had a critical condition, less than 24 hours later, a single patient was also asked for critical attention.

Queensway Carleton Hospitals managed several patients, but in the end, only one person was admitted, and this person was serious and stable.

The riders will continue to feel safe

For many people, Friday's crash is no doubt that Ottawa's mass trafficking tragedy will bring another one: in 2013, two bus and train station resorts killed six people.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Council found the design of two wheels that the riders gave little protection in the crash.

After Friday, people were asking If you are buses and Westboro station – When the city's double-decker fleet is planned, it can lead to severe turmoil.

Then, could OC Transpo be hesitant before hanging on the urban bus? Or a light rail train when the Ottawa Confederation line opens?

It's hard to say. While city officials continue to remain safe while the transport network, others require a double transitional bus to leave the bus.

Emotional path

The mayor of Jim Watson on Friday night, the flags of the City Hall of Ottawa fell down on midnight, was immediately acquainted with the collision of the city's psyche crash.

In fact, many neighbors forced the crash on Saturday morning. Both men also created a tree as a reminder that they wanted the names of the victims of the crash to reach their nodes.

Ottawa and the Regional Health Center also provided additional volunteers to address their anxiety and pain.

"For us it is very nervous for the community as a whole, as a city, to move forward," said Inge Roosendaal, a regular OC Transpo rider.

From Monday, people will be able to sign off the condemnation of the City of Otolandese Crash. The book will be available on Sunday, until January 20.

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