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What would happen to the liberals to get more oil for the sector? "Consensus," says Morneau – National


What would the liberals do to help the Alberta oil sector?

Consensus, according to Bill Morneau, Finance Minister.

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In an interview with Mercedes-Stephenson West Block on November 25, Morneau said the government understands that it is "a long-term importance of the oil industry," but recently the government has said that the oil movement will be dismantled by rail, the gap is not an easy response to bottles.

"There is agreement of industry on other initiatives we are thinking about, we are always listening to that consensus," he said.

"We know the importance of the problem, we are convinced that the challenge is enormous, we understand that the sector and the industrial agents and the governments of Alberta are debates. We should be aware that they have some consensus, we will do it."

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Morneau's remarks came after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began protests and protests on Thursday, which came to Calgary.

Trudeau took part in the debates organized by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and had to address the questions of business leaders as they were doing enough for the "deplorable crisis" at the price of oil prices.

Alberta oil has been sold at a discount, compared to American light oil, especially in the United States market, and at higher prices for non-exported international oil markets.

FIRST: To resume construction of Trans Mountain in the coming spring? Trudeau says:

The lack of transport is the main problem behind and why it has been so difficult to carry out the deployment of Trans Mountain.

This expansion of the existing pipe will triple the capacity of the oil that is able to reach the ships on the lower coast of B.C.

But as the concern for the environmental susceptibility to ecosystems in the marine environments and the queries of indigenous communities, after years of retention and delay, Kinder Morgan decided to sell and sell the project to the federal government this year.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has called federal investment in the transport of crude oil in the region last month to get oil from the province to other markets until the pipelines are built or opened. High-level civil servants question whether they would solve the problem.

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Trudeau asked the petitioner's issue in the Baroque Lami Street Hall.

"You think it's super easy with an easy answer and there's no one," he said.

"Multifaceted is a complex issue, and there is a tendency in the world to provide simple answers to really complex questions, unfortunately, the world does not work that way."

Morneau made these remarks.

"In our view, the most important thing we can do today is to make sure that the Trans Mountain pipeline is progressing well and that we are trying to achieve it," he said.

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This time there is no reconstruction on the offline pipe.

The Court of Justice in August did not consult in consultation with the indigenous communities and, according to the former conservative government, the review of the National Energy Council did not take into account the increase in the number of vessels trafficking.

As a result, the Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi announced in September that the Government ordered the analysis of the impact of the increased traffic intensity of the tanks on the sea, since the introduction of the pipeline since the mid-February 2019 period has been ordered by the Directorate General of Energy.

Several weeks later, Sohi also announced that the government did not suspect that the court's interests were not consulted individually, instead of re-querying the queries with the established timeline to begin the construction of debates.

That is why the government argues that the gas station will lose another season in the spring and summer months, a month before the federal election in October 2019.

So far, there is no question that Canada can expect to resume on the project.

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