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What you need to know about the CBD, the non-psychoactive chemistry of cannabis – National


CBD is a chemical found in cannabis, a new ingredient that uses everything from beauty products and chronic treatments.

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But is it just a trend? CBD's scientific evidence about efficiency is a bit slow, experts say.

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Here's what you need to know about the CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most active chemicals of cannabis produced by plants. Another major cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is known according to psychoactive properties, said Joey Ton, a trained pharmacist working in the PEER group of Alberdi, based on evidence-based medicine.

It has similar properties like CBD THC, but it does not have this same insect.

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"What do you think the benefits offered by CBD have no psychoactive effect on THC," said Ton.

"CBD does not make people high," said M-J Milloy, Professor of Canopy Growth at Cannabis Science, British Columbia University.

CBD really helps in saving THC's psychoactive effect, he said.

Currently, as a component of cannabis, the CBD is illegal to prepare for various topics, such as CBD-heavy dried cannabis, oils and capsules, but nowadays they are not edible or drinkable. CBD-infused beauty products are not in Canada, according to Canadian Health spokesman, although they are widely known in the United States.

What is CBD used?

As you ask, it seems that the CBD is all good. "Certainly, on some corners of the Internet, I think it's something like a panacea situation," Milloy said.

In particular, products with CBD are generally used to handle pain, addictions and neurological conditions. Anecdotal reports and preclinical trials have the potential for pain relief and have anti-inflammatory properties.

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Does it work?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence. However, the anecdotes are not enough to demonstrate efficacy.

"They offer good evidence of epilepsy in clinical trials, the CBD is an effective treatment for seizure disorders," Milloy said.

"Even if it's all else, I do not know for any clinical trial that supports human use."

Tons, based on a systematic review based on the use of cannabinoid medical evidence, says that there are critical clinical trials in the use of CBD in confident confidentiality disorders, but not much more.

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Other people claiming the other consequences said: "Those who cite most are non-clinical trials or clinical trials that do not support claims."

As a cancer researcher, Milloy is excited about researching the CBD's opportunities and promoting science for its medical and therapeutic use. "I think that there has been a great deal of understanding in the traditions developed during many years and cannabis," he said.

"Our job is now to try and apply to the best possible quality of scientists, to prove what is really and what is not and what is not".

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