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Who is Lawson Bates, and why do people think that Jana Duggar is a judge?

Usually, it is not the most important media event when a person joins Instagram. But things are a bit different if you are Duggar. When the 28-year-old Jana Duggar debuted this week in the social media, a passionate fan. That is, in the past, only daughters of Duggar have begun to use social networks (Duggar's adopted dating version) or after getting married.

While Jana's sister closes Jesse's court gossip, fans do not persuade her when she says the truth, as her big brother says "no relationship." Much is believed to be working with Lawson Bates.

Who is Lawson Bates?

Like Jana, Lawson has a great family in the backdrop of reality television. He is a 19-year-old boy based on the Christian TV family Approaching Bates.

A 26-year-old musician has released solo albums and has traveled all over the country. While Duggar is not as famous as his brother, he has a large number of followers on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. She wants to work as an independent artist with her family.

"With [my] music [career]It's been different, "said Bates in Fox News in 2017." Not with the Bates family. My music is sharp or breaks. That is terrifying, especially when you're composing country music when you share a lot of your heart. "

Why do Lawson and Jana courting think about it?

Jana and Lawson, of course, with ordinary things, is not a reason why they think fans might be prepared to make a big bargain. After joining Jana Instagram, Lawson commented on her first position, writing "experts in technology", followed by a couple of emoji. That is why he said they speculated that some people were speculating.

Not for the first time, Jana and Lawson sparked social rumors. Last summer, the singer was released and then quickly deleted a photo of Jana on his Instagram. This speculated that it was two elements, but it was not yet ready for public advertisement, he said.

The Jana-Lawson gossip is not new at all. In 2017, the two courts of Lawson's mother, Kelly Jo Bates, were directed to prevent anything from occurring.

Duggar and the Bates family have long been friends, and at least some believe that parents can not happen between the two children.

"I personally think, here you have 19 kids on each side, I think it's almost inevitable," said Lawrence's sister, Erinek ET, in 2015. "As we see each other, I think that it will be an attraction somewhere. I do not know yet where, but I think it will happen."

Why is not Jana Duggar getting married?

Duggar family fans have long wondered why he did not marry her as the oldest girl in the family. Their sisters were younger, the courts, married and have children, but still lives in Arkansas.

Although quite unusual, the only person with 28 years of age, Duggar is a curious world, people, especially women, have a tendency to marry young people. But Jana seems to have a long time until the right boy comes.

"Several guys have come and asked, but it's not correct. It's just one of those things," he said Jill and Jessa: counting In 2016. "I am not the first to come with the first to come … [I’m] just to have God's place today and to have it in that place and to learn everything I can ".

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