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Who won the CES 2019? Nobody. – Quartz

This week's busy week after the biggest gadget show in the world, Quartz closed the time in Las Vegas. We eat delicious fake meat, we have seen more than just a few robots, they have seen more TVs than our apartments and offered to CES's 4,400 exhibits.

In recent years, we believe that the company or product has been a CES winner, in our opinion, the best representation of the spirit of being an electronic consumer show: new technologies, on the horizon, seem to have an impact on our lives. This year we did not get anything wrong. Here's why:

Who won CES: Nobody

This CES, two main topics were Google, Amazon and Amazon, because they sold the same product (virtual contributors, Assistant and Alexa, respectively). Companies that could be more than once in their product quality have made unmatched compatibility with Amazon or the Google ecosystem to determine the characteristics of their own devices. The result is a sea of ​​similar and despair products, including, among others, the concept of the Bell Helicopter Concept, 8K TVs and a new HTC VR headset. It was not enough to claim the "winner" of the conference.

More than a decade ago, the smartphone has changed the way we communicate and live, but now the phones are very good (although cheap), the difference between the manufacturer's choice is that it is very difficult to use gimmicks. Instead, tech companies are less likely to have new pocket pockets in their pocket and more focused around them.

Continuous company: still Google

As of last year, he set up Google's great search giants for assistants in Las Vegas, where he would gather around the city monorail, a playground and a gomball machine full of incredible free games. Google also hired hundreds of people to dress white white Google Assistants and replace their company members' cabinets.

Photo AP / Ross D. Franklin

Google's massive advertisement on Vegas.

Cure for auto car: Audi

Cars are preparing for the future most of the vehicles of future vehicles, more than men, for more passengers to entertain. Among the car companies, actors introduced Audi to entertainment technology, and Holoride created the VR experience to prevent the illness that goes with the car. The same Audi A sedan became a small pelota player A tour of the film that observes the vibrating and vibrating tourists.

All automakers brought a futuristic conceptual car, trying to guess how they are thinking about how to drive their own car to drive in the car, and tomorrow's automotive look. Mike Everyone tried to document it and this technology conference continues to be very surprising, especially one of the most important shows at the North American Detroit North American Fair, which will start on Monday, January 14.

Elegant exhibition: Impossible foods

Food Impossible Foods food technology has presented a new recipe with laboratory-based "meat" labs, a recipe that is better and better than the original formula. The new recipe is designed for sale in supermarket stores and cooked by home-made chefs. And it does more than burgers: Tacos, empanadas, tartaras and meat used to serve other dishes during the technology conference.

Unsupported product: DS3

Procter & Gamble, one of the world's largest consumer goods packaging markets, needs new and clean soap and other non-cleaner products and plastic packaging. Small swatch switches called DS3 are activated when water is placed. So far, the company has analyzed Indiegogo products. If it is marketed completely, like the P & G plans, the line can eliminate water and plastic waste tones, and it would be easier to carry with soap and detergent bottles and water.

Honorable mention: Source of hydrocarbons

The panels are not powerful, but the atmospheric water vapor gets caught in the atmosphere and becomes a drinkable water. Zero Mass Water has shown that the product has also been included in humanitarian and public works projects. Conceptually, it is a great dehumidifier associated with the task of edible water. The promise of water purification of clean water that does not require infrastructure can be a changing world of technology.

The most important thing is: Samsung is a business robot today

While Samsung is known to be an electronic gadget under the sun, it is based on conventional products, such as washing machines, televisions and phones. That is why it was a surprise that the company's most important note of the CES this year was a new division based on robotics. The company showed three robots and three exoskeletons helped people with mobility problems. Samsung has quickly said that robots have been working for more than six years now that Korea will not be available for this year's purchase, but they show the company's new leadership, based on well-being.

Quartz / Dave Gershgorn

A Samsung robot at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Samsung is a robust and zacker robot, Bot Care, helps track its medications, monitor their lives and send information to their doctors. The company can not confirm it through procedures approved in the US (HIPAA compliance or Food and Drug Administration approval), but it is possible to think at the beginning.

Samsung also has a robot designed to use as small as Rob Care or customer service settings, and order orders at a restaurant and help customers shop at the store. Samsung is the only company that works on products like this, but some of them Samsung does not have this resource.

5G finally arrived

The CES theme is always "more". High resolution, faster processor, larger screens. Therefore, it is common sense that the leading technology companies 5G, connectivity technology only delivered "more" consumers. 5G, that is, the fifth generation of wireless cellular networks, our smartphones and additional devices allow 4K video stream, download a few seconds, and write developers bigger and more robust applications.

Although large telecommunications and technology companies are 5G, it may be a troublesome transition for us to be a consumer. Its speed is based on a compact access to specialized existing tower infrastructures, that is to say, it is not only that a carrier moves from 4G to 5G. Covering is likely to widen in the morning, and may be the first expensive service.

By numbers CES

Quartz journalists have given Dave Gershgorn, Mike Murphy and Ashley Rodriguez in Las Vegas over the last five days. Here's what we did:

  • Quarry journalist guided a total of 88.38
  • Written by CES Daily Labels: 4
  • Dolares lost game: $ 2
  • Dolares won the game: $ 48
  • Visit casinos: 12
  • Battery power used to recharge the battery: 32,387 miles per hour
  • They attended the event: 17
  • Missed events: 27

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