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Why all works and plays make millions of burnout Dawn Foster | Opinion

AAn anonymous lawyer Manhattan tells us the story of a short story written by Herman Melville, Bartleby, where Bartleby follows one day orders and replaces: "I would not prefer it." The action is unknown, either by disobeying commands or by reason of sudden sudden or unreasonable reasoning. It has become a famous phrase and, in a modern way, it has been outlined. My friend has a bag and a shirt. Many types of goods can be found for thousands of years.

In many ways it characterizes thousands of conditions, like a virgin jewelery Buzzfeed created this week: those born between the 1980s and 2000s are called "parental fertilization," according to the author of Anne Helen Peters. The line of work and life is so confusing for millennia, the idea of ​​balancing work life has never been a reality, nor a reality.

Your entire life extends as your brand, a commercial concept that goes beyond the quality of the work you have placed in the office or email and on the page. You need to show your Instagram photos to keep interest and culture enough, but do not drink enough lout; Your Twitter should show a connection to current issues, but it does not deprive people who want to divert a bit of politics, and it's enough to show you that you are trying to show your pithy statements.

Our emails keep us from home and our social media footprint is 24/7 with us, and yet they're still a thousand years old with basic tasks. The term "Adoption" is a common language – I personally find it pleasing to think about children. It's mostly a middle class concern; there are some security networks and not others.

But there has been a nervous attempt because it meets all the long-haul areas, and there is no hope that your life is at work, since the social media has become a weapon of surveillance. Any work that you ask, if your employer looks at your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook presence and finds something that you can drag on Google. Even if you hire, you will control your work outdoors. As Malcolm Harris writes in his book, Kids Days Days: Human Capital and Millennials, young people can almost cease to be born, not just in the classroom, even at playgrounds, social clubs, and friendly circles. all schools

You can characterize it like generational issue, really in capitalism. Together with the changes in technology, employers and large corporations quickly worked on the functioning of each new website, application or function. If you are depressed, they also have the chance to make money: Instagram, Facebook and public transport are a great deal of advertising, when you see your doctor physically or book online therapies and virtual doctor appointments. See your family doctor, or you can not spend time off work.

We also help our governments: in accordance with the rules of employment, and the unions to define the rights of workers is to find the overcome laws that are more difficult than ever to survive. If you pay very little and do not know when you pay, subscribing to your subscription fees is very difficult to subscribe. Our work becomes smaller units, leaves us little emotional control over our work and our work life. We pay more for our rental than in a living memory, and without the help of a family without housing there is no hope. My father's debt died; I struggled to pay Bills and recently had to work in hospital for two days after jailing to endanger life. My family had at least one sick pay and an indefinite contract, though apparently raising social classes from them. For my generations, we're working harder than ever, less and less.

What is the result? A generation that is totally excluded from the state anti-state does not see how the financial sector works with more than a handful of hands. Solutions are based on individual well-being: nutrition therapy, diet, "sleep hygiene" and organization. With Jordan Peterson and Marie Kondo's success, they say they are basically their self-help books; For this reason, greater happiness demands progress, but thanks to the widespread misery of economic society and consumerism through economic success. You can fold your clothes as you like, but that will not be a joke so you can find out more about a pension and pay for your rent.

Often there is a feeling that the current political moment is temporary and unstable. Brexit, the Trump elections, the rise of Momentum and Corbynism and the collapse of British faith in the establishment are fleeting and unknown phenomena. old order to an inevitable death. But millions of misfortunes and fatigue are being confused in our political lifestyles. Any political liquidation that seeks more security and less volatility must guarantee greater equality of life for everybody and for work, for housing, and for quality living habits; not only for a single generation. Burnout is more than just an individual discomfort: the symptom of the crisis of capitalism is the complete order of abuse, and the response is collective, not individual change.

Dawn Foster Guardian is a columnist

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