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Why grizzly attack? – Canadian news

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A grizzly bear expert, such as a woman and her baby Yukon's attacks are deadly, it's unusual and important to have a deep investigation into what happened.

The Yukon Coroner Services said Valerie Theoret was at the age of 37 and her 10-month-old baby Adele Roesholt died on Monday in the Einarson Lake area on the border of the Northwest Territories.

The service said call at 3:45. From a trapper, Gjermund Roesholt, said he was worried a bear charged a 100-meter booth with Roesholt shared with his wife and children's daughter.

He shot the dead killer before finding his wife and baby body outside the cabin.

Chris Servheen, at the age of 35, said he was a coordinating recovery counter for US fish and wildlife services, is said to see an unusual non-grizzly bear attack.

"It's the worst, especially when the woman and children are involved," said Missoula, in Monte's conversation. "The thing is sad, nobody knows what will happen, and that's why it's important to understand what was going on.

"The effort to understand why it happened would be useful if it were determined through careful reconstruction of events".

"It might be a surprising encounters with cabaret, and a bear approached the corner and was very surprised by a nearby bear," he said. "It was a case of an appetite for the bear and he was looking for food around the booth and maybe he was looking for food, they could attack them and fight them.

Servheen said that the researcher should also look at the state of being taken.

"Did he have a bad shape? He's old enough. Has his teeth been bad?" he said. "They can provide information on the motivation of taking these kinds of things."


Nature Canada has released a new report, screen time, which causes negative impacts on Canadian children.

Most Canadian children are advised to exceed the recommended period of time for this period of time, and 85% of those between 5 and 17 years of age do not have adequate sleep or physical activity guidelines.

"Denim Screen Time Green: High-Impact Health Impact" is a report entitled "Introduction to Physicians and Research Professionals."

"We are seeing the percentage of physical activity on the upcoming trend in children's day," said Mark Tremblay, Healthy Living and Obesity Research Group, CHEO Ottawa Research Institute and professor at the University of Ottawa.

"Excessive long-term effects on the screen, long-term sedentary behavior and physical inactivity increase the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular problems, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and time in nature and in the open air is an antidote to these effects as a" modern life " he said.

Dr. Michael Cheng, a psychologist at CHEO, said that seeing excessive time on the screen would make children develop anxiety and sleep disorders. Natural prescription to help with the epidemic.

"Families will play a significant part in nature together with the most powerful anti-depression to get away and connect with each other," said Cheng.

The report finds that spending on nature has positive health outcomes.

"When our parents told us to play outside, they gave them great health advice," said Jill Sturdy, Canadian Nature Canada's Nature Canada Program. "Unfortunately, nowadays, the use of excessive screening is not only our children stealing away memories that are playing in our children's health."

Nov 28, 2018 / 11:39 a.m. | Story:

Canadian post office workers have returned to the legislature after working five times a week, but they have not stopped picking up their candidates to interrupt their brothers and have slowed down again in the process.

The Union of the Court of Justice of the Union of the Union of Batasuna denied that this week after a parliamentary act, the unions had warned that other unions would respond. And now they have done that.

CUPW is involved in leading trade unions in the British Columbia Piket Lines at the Pacific Richmond Processing Center.

The demonstrator said that the workers would enter the facility, that is, the third country post office in the country, but the levels would not be accepted.

CUPW President Mike Palecek says 50,000 members prohibit elections, other unions have no similar restrictions.

"What we are seeing in Vancouver, today we need to resolve the Canadian post conflict, Trudeau's government has fought for it," said Palece in a statement. "One to one injury to all is a lesion" is more than one slogan. "

The unions have declared professional legislation Bill C-89, a constitutional one.

Legislation became the lawyer on Monday, forcing postal workers to work yesterday, establishing the process of arbitration, to establish the difference between the Canadian Post and its important union.

The Crown corporation said what could be done by placing emails and packages in B.C. Meanwhile, the CUPW voters interrupted the traffic of the delivery trucks.

"Canada Post Services is trying to minimize breakdowns and resolve the situation."

The agency warns of significant delays in country delivery throughout January, due to the undeniable denial of CUPW members. It started on October 22


November 28, 2018/11: 05 | Story:

Beloved in the Calgary court, when they heard the testimony of retirement, when a little girl seemed to accuse someone of being killed in a car.

Edward Downey, aged 48, was killed by Sara Baillie and her five-year-old daughter Taliyah Marsman in July 2016.

Douglas Jesson lived in the same neighborhood that lived with his grandmother and daughter and found Baillie dead in his apartment in the day.

Jesson said that he was staring at his side window and saw a black cry crying with a dark haired cry.

The girl, with a suitcase and a polka dot with white and white clothes, came in a window-colored sedan with a white dressed up man.

The test has already heard that Baillie had the Ford Fusion white and Downey would drive his girlfriend's car, the Dodge Charger was gray with dark windows.

Nov. 28, 2018 / 10:15 a.m. | Story:

A Saskatchewan judge admits a recommendation to the Humboldt Broncos bus crash for $ 15.2 million in the GoFundMe campaign.

Justice Neil Gabrielson agreed to receive a loss of $ 525,000 that lost the family who loved one April 6th. He also approved 475,000 recommendations for 13 live players.

Both payments include a provisional payment of $ 50,000 in August.

The judge said that he had justified his decision.

"It's a strange reason that great tragedy gives a great deal of generosity," said Gabrielson in Saskatoon Court on Wednesday. "We were like that kind of money."

When Junior hockey team and half of Saskatchewan exploded, Broncos went to the game. Fourteen people were killed and 13 were injured.

The Commission is made up of five people and based on the recommendations based on family discussions over the past few months.

Jeff Lee, lawyer at Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc., said the committee's report was thought out, well-reasoned, and accepted.

Some parents suggested that they should split their money equally.

Lee said that those who lost a great deal of emotional difference did not.

Lee called the "difference" of the amount of the amounts paid.

November 28, 2018 / 10:11 | Story:

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says her government will buy her railcars to market more oil.

He wanted his province to cooperate with the federal government to buy them, but the price of oil in Alberta in the least minority can no longer wait.

While the piping plans stop, Notley wants to buy other ways to get Alberta's steak to buy buyers.

November must be done in weeks and Alberta expects two new train sets to bring with 120,000 barrels of oil every day.

Notley says that the price of petroleum is low, but Alberta is suffering from more oil, it is far from the refineries.

Notley is on Wednesday in Ottawa, the federal government wants to move faster, because Alberta's problems are affecting the entire Canadian economy.

November 28, 2018/7: 24 hours | Story:

The Canadian International Trade Court will not design a new navy warships unless the federal government contracts a contract.

The federal government announced last month that the US defense giant Lockheed Martin has designed two rival rivals to replace the army's fierce and devastating competition.

The Lockheed government and Halifax Irving Shipbuilding are negotiating the latest contract to build boats.

But two other bidders decided to call Alion Science and Technology, Canada's International Trade Court, because Lockheed's design did not meet the demands of the army, and should ban.

On Tuesday, the court officially ordered the government to postpone the assignment of the contract in order to decide whether or not the Court of Appeal is entitled to Alion.

With a total price of $ 60 million, the wartime project is the largest Canadian military recruitment and the ship's backbone together with newly-expected ships for most of the centuries.

November 28, 2018 / 7:00 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with four of the major federal federations to talk about the French-speaking population today.

According to Trudeau's daily routine, Andrew Scheer, NDP's Jagmeet Singh, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Bloc Quebecois, will talk with Mario Beaulieu to discuss "Canadian Francophonie face to face".

The meeting involves the latest changes in the services offered by the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario.

During the economic downturn, Premier Doug Ford's government abolished construction planned for the French-language university.

The province also said that the independent office of the French-language service office should be abolished.

After deep criticism, the position of the French language service commissioner was subject to a provincial opposition.

This morning, the Canadian Federation of Municipalities has issued a statement confirming the commitment of the members of the French-speaking community.

November 28, 2018 / 6:40 a.m. | Story:

He was a prominent activist of ancient poverty, who wrote many books about the Great Depression, the Second World War and the austerity of war, died in an Ontario hospital.

Harry Leslie Smith's son has reported that he has given regular medical updates with his father's 250,000 Twitter followers, he said at age 95 on Wednesday morning.

"This morning, 03:39, Harry Leslie Smith's father Harry died. I am an orphan," wrote his son John on Twitter. "I have spent the last 8 years for Harry for his odyssey, so that he does not pass over his future. Honor was his son and commander."

Smithe, during the Second World War II, lived in the British armed forces of the Second World War, was a defender of the poor.

The online tribute abolished the treatment he had received at Belleville in an intensive tank unit, which he suffered after a fall in his family.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, actor Mia Farrow and British Labor Party President Jeremy Corby, amongst others, are among the most outstanding.

Smith's son Twitter said he thanked his father.

"I told Harry, a worry about himself fell to Twitter, and he said:" Tell me, I love each of them a lot, "said John on Twitter last week.

In response, Trudeau criticized: "Harry's journey and courage have inspired so much love and kindness in this site and the real world, thank you for taking us."

As part of Smithe, England and Canada, he appeared in linearity as a collaborator, due to advanced controversies stemming from personal conflicts.

He was the son of coal mining, describing the "barbarian" and "weak" time in Britain in the 1920s for lack of health care. His sister tuberculosis died three. He started working in the decade of age, in a craft work machinery.

Smith's speech at the British Labor Party in 2014 talked about the difficulties in life facing the country's National Health Service.

On Twitter, Corbyn had a giant "Smith" on whose shoulders we were. "Corbyn paid homage to the British Parliament on Wednesday.

Former party former militant party Ed Miliband tweeted Smithe as saying "he was not fighting for equality and justice." We should carry on their passion, optimism and spirit ".

In many essays and essays, Smith drew parallel to his brushes, affecting the global crises of the past and current worries. Especially critical was the elimination of social welfare systems, uncontrolled capitalism differences and the rising threat of nationalism.

"I am the oldest rebellion in the world," said Smith in the UNHCR magazine in October. "I think we can do a lot of things if we do our minds and we will not leave anyone."

November 28, 2018 / 4:04 a.m. | Story:

Most Canadians may have their mobile phones, TVs and radios to hear the current sound, because the Alert Ready system tests are taking place in second rounds.

Emergency emergency management organizations will conduct public warning alerts at the same time throughout the country to keep people safe and reluctant to receive emergency alerts.

Test alerts appear on compatible and upgraded devices connected to an LTE wireless network, 1:55 p.m. Local time, except Quebec, the test will take place an hour later.

This second test will be followed by Manitoba Infrastructure Emergency Measures Organizations next May only 60 percent of wireless users.

The first test did not sound like Quebec, due to a codec fault, because the system operator was solved in a couple of hours.

In Ontario, some tests alerts were heard and felt on mobile devices, but many cordless subscribers did not receive any signal.

The CRTC needs 50 per cent of Canadian-sold wireless wireless to be compatible with Alert Ready, but at a slower rate of coverage it is necessary to increase the compatibility for all devices on sale.

Nov. 27, 2018 / 9:38 pm | Story:

He drowned in a high school gym Classroom. A teenage boy from Montreal spent 38 minutes at the bottom of the pool, no one realized.

Dr Louis Normandin announced in February last February that Blessing was not opposed by Claude Mouche.

"Claude Mouko's blessing was only left at the bottom of the pool … and because of this, they were basically not essential because of the lifeguards," said Normandy in a report on Tuesday.

Like many 19-year-old Ecole Pere-Marquette students, Moukokus just learned to swim for 14 years. He participated in the third pool class as part of a high school gym, on the morning of February 15. He made a stroke on the last day, and no one missed the absence of grade 8 students when he left a pool deck pool.

When a second class arrived, they saw a gap in the spring pool next to the school in the Rosemont district of the town hall.

The court mentioned the security videos for the pool this morning. "People walk around the back of the pool, the water is quiet, so calm, they have an impression on the second year students looking at the bottom of the pool," said the press conference.

"Lifeguards understand, dives, help calls".

Normandin's lesson on a gym teacher recommends training provided by the province, and lifeguards provide care throughout all courses.

If a person is unable to have teaching and other care, Normandine recommends interrupting school lessons.

"Nobody had a bad idea in this story," said Normandy. "However, swimming courses, in my opinion, must be given by those who are competent".

The court found that the teacher, now substitute, did not have the training of the province. As a result, the lifeguards were helping the teacher, rather than respecting students on a chair in the pool.

In his first class, Moukok did not do much depth. His friends later said the authorities struggled for lightning, diminished breaths and often went for the pool.

Normandin says the video can not swim. "When the precariousness of the situation reaches the bottom of the pool, it's obvious," wrote Normandy.

Normandin said water security, not buying swimming techniques, school lessons should be the first goal.

The province incorporated into the curriculum the Lifesaving Society's Swim to Survive program – a basic training that people need to do in the event of an unexpected fall in deep water.

Raynald Hawkins, CEO of Québec Lifesaving Society, welcomed the recommendation.

"This is an assessment, therefore, when they continue to study a swim program, children have minimal skills and needs in the depth of the pool," said Hawkins.

The school board said in a statement that it recognizes court recommendations and will put the necessary measures.

"Our duty is to strengthen our practice to prevent such events," said Commission President Catherine Harel Bourdon of Montreal.

In Quebec, Isabelle Charest, a Junior Education Minister, has said the start-up pool classes are rising.

"I do not think we need to stop the courses. We started to work all the time without stopping," Charest said, saying death was very tragic.

Nov. 27, 2018 / 9:28 a.m. | Story:

The Saskatchewan Legislature proposes the First Nations Leadership, the clashes and deaths that people might ask to ask for permission to go to private land.

Bobby Cameron, along with the United Nations Federation of Nationals, said a man was found to have found the Earth's first Kawacatoose Earth on Tuesday. Cameron told the man that he was not allowed to hunt and escort him there. But it's not always easy, said the chief.

"Even if it was a different way, I do not know if a farmer would be patient or patient."

Proposals set for more than two-month electoral law were put into operation, after over two years Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Indian man, died in a rural farmhouse in Saskatchewan.

This year, when the jury refused to accept the second murder after the war, after proving his gun, when he suddenly disappeared, he tried to insult his youth when he tried to insult him.

"There is no more hope for tragedy, I hope," said Cameron. "But if they do, this province government should also say, we will be responsible if we die, because of this dying legislation."

The Justice Minister, Don Morgan, has proposed the proposed law of the landowners and citizens' rights. Laws should provide legal protection for damage caused by real estate.

A recent survey released in the province, according to a survey of 65 percent, people would have to ask for land permit before entering private land.

"Our goal … is to protect landlords, not to protect the rights of those who want to reach the ground," said Morgan in Regina.

The law would impose rural land plots on land in the city where the owners do not have to close or mark a property. No one could find that there was no reason to find any excuse for the land without permission, he added.

"I hope the landlords will take a sensible position and they will be available," Morgan said.

Cameron unfortunately said that the province did not consult the proposed National Federation of Nationals and the changes in the results of the survey.

He made a foreseen proposal, if passed, he will cause headaches because the first Nation does not use land and roads for indigenous peoples.

"Did the farmer and the peasants and farmers say that they should be called again to the head and counselor for all the territories?" Cameron said.

"That's hard. It's a better way to do business."

Opposition NDP critics Trent Wotherspoon's proposed legislation is not practical and does not deal with rural delinquency.

"Notwithstanding the changes that affect the impact (aside) Indigenous peoples, unusual landlords, unfortunately," he said.

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