Thursday , June 24 2021

Why is Calgary ground zero flu on Alberta – again?

Before the start of the flu season, almost 1,000 cases have already been confirmed in the healthcare district of Calgary, which is far from the province.

The Calgary area is 65% of the Alberta's flu cases, although it accounts for 38% of the population.

Last year was a similar story, when most of Alberta's flu cases were registered in the Calgary area.

But the other provinces were later captured and, at the end of last season, the effect of Calgary on the province was the average.

Flu, depending on its nature, is a complicated and unforeseeable virus, or, more specifically, a virus family. So it's not clear why Calgary was once again so difficult, so early.

But Dr. Eddy Lang has a hypothesis.

"The best explanation I know is that, seeing that Calgary sees international air traffic rather than in previous years, we are seeing more people coming to the city than ever before," Lang said. Emergency Medical Device Manager Calgary Area.

The number of international travelers per month has been traveling through the International Airport in the last three years. (Calgary Airport Authority)

Calgary traveled more than 1.7 million passengers in the airport last year, compared to less than half of Edmont, according to airport authority data.

"That's why I think the peak of Calgary is to be separated earlier than Edmonton, similar populations, similar demographics," said Lang. "I can not see, unless it's coincidence, why flu could be more in Edmonton."

The emergency room in Calgary has shown that influenza has had a significant impact on other diseases that are "unmistakable", like ordinary colds.

Flu symptoms have severe fever and severe muscle, said Lang, and patients often feel tired to take them in bed for a few days.

Since that time, 200 people have been admitted to hospital in Calgary, confirmed by the case of the flu. Edmonton's flat number.

The solitary death associated with this year's waterfall also came in the Calgary area.

But Dr. Jia Hu, a Healthcare Healthcare Officer in Calgary, is not convinced that air travel is a blame.

Flu over the years

"I think the hypothesis that explains why hypothesis is happening," said Hu. "But, again, I think it is likely that this case is quite impossible."

In the last two years, at the beginning of the flu, it may be a coincidence, Hu said that when Calgary saw fewer cases of flu in previous years.

In 2015/16, for example, the Calgary area had the lowest provincial impacts.

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Concerning specific reasons, Hu said one thing is clear.

"The bottom line is that we have quickly seen the growth in the number of cases in Calgary, so it's important to immunize people," he said.

Free flu shots are now available at city clinics.

You can search for your nearest clinic in the Alberta Health Services website.

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