Monday , May 29 2023

Winnipeg's letter bomber, to punish the lawyer's hand


WINNIPEG – A Manitoba who has condemned his former wife and two convicted convictions to send bombs today will know when to go to bars.

Crown seeks a life sentence from the judge Guido Amsel, has been convicted of murder and has condemned four other charges four times this year.

The defense has asked for a sentence between 20 and 25 years old.

Amsel, who is 52, sent the letter bombs to his ex-wife, Iris, and he met two Winnipeg lawyers in his summer 2015.

A device disappeared, resulting in severe injuries suffered by the lawyer Maria Mitousis, losing the right edge of the explosion.

Amsel was judged by his former wife and others on the trial, and planted evidence.

Mitousis said in court that the affair of the victim's impact was that of Amsel's brave action.

"Explosion scars on my face and my body," he said.

When the sentence was over, he planned to move his life, went back to work, and placed behind Amsel.

"After that, I will forget him and my conscience will disappear."

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