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Wokon Watson controversial scientist revokes Honorary Honor

YORK NEW YORK – James Watson, a Nobel Laureate scientist, lost his job in 2007 to show racist views, was Thursday after several prestigious New York laboratories.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory said Watson's comments were reactive on a television documentary that was released earlier this month.

In the movie, Watson said that his magazines for 2007 and 2007 did not indicate that the magazine "said that Africa was a hidden spot" said that "our social policies make them intelligent as ours, where all the tests are not really" .

In the 2007 interview, Watson said that for everyone's equality, "people who have to deal with black workers are not true."

In that month's document, the genes make a difference in the white and black IQ tests.

In the laboratory, "making sense" and "science does not support" by calling the final comments, they have effectively said vice versa in Watson's 2007 written apology and back. He canceled three honorary titles, including the Chancellor Emeritus and the Honorary Board of Trustees.

Watson has been linked to the laboratory for a long time, when he became director in 1968, his president in 1994 and his rector 10 years later. A laboratory school is named after him.

Watson's son Rufus said on Friday in a telephone conversation that his father was 90 years old in a nursing home, after a car after the crash, and that he's "rarely" aware of his surroundings.

"My father's statement may be bigot and discriminating," he said, but that's not true. "Imagine a lesser interpretation of genetic thinking".

"My father has made his own laboratory, and now the laboratory takes responsibility," he said.

James Watson received the 1962 Nobel Prize in collaboration with scientist Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. In 1953 the duplicate DNA was double in the trunk, with long arm and bend. Progress is crucial to determining how genetic material works.

The double cloud became a widely recognized symbol of science, and Watson himself became more remote from the scientific circles.


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