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Woman is a strange situation, where she does not hear the male voices

Chen woke up to listen to his boyfriend's voice. PHOTO COURTESY: ASIA WIRE

Chen woke up to listen to his boyfriend's voice. PHOTO COURTESY: ASIA WIRE

A woman implies a loss of hearing, which means that she does not hear the voice of the man: only women, Mail online notify

Chen, whose surname, Chen had identified, woke up to find out who could not hear her boyfriend.

Chen, in Xiamen, China, on the east coast, 416 million (716 km) from Hong Kong, went directly to the hospital.

Doctors invented curious symptoms, hearing loss was more commonly used, according to local reports.

A specialist who diagnosed the loss of the reverse slope was diagnosed, who had heard it frequently.

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thThis situation affects almost 13,000 patients with hearing disorders, according to figures.

It was possible that stress was contributing to the condition, the doctors said.

China suffered nausea and woke up in her ears.

At night, she thought she would solve the problem of sleep and sleep with her groom.

But the next morning, he was surprised to find that his partner was not able to hear the debate.

The city went to Qianpu hospital, saw ear, nose and throat specialist.

The report stated that listening to every single word of ENT was heard, according to Dr. Lin Xiaoqing.

"When I heard things heard me, when a young male patient came in, he could not hear anything," said Dr. Xiaoqing.

He diagnosed hearing loss of "low-frequency hearing loss" or "reverse slope", why he could not hear more.

This illness is usually difficult to diagnose, since it is not possible for both physicians and patients to know.

It can cause genetics because people will never hear the sounds below, such as the bones of a refrigerator.

As the patient recently worked late, he put the body under stress and did not sleep enough.

Dr. Xiaoqing adds fatigue and long-term stress.

ENT specialists revealed the rapid treatment of symptoms, and said Chen hoped for a full recovery.

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